FIFA 13 @ gamescom | Summary of Day 1

Day 1 of the public show is  over and we are delighted to bring you vast coverage including gameplay videos, feedback from KSIOlajidebt, NephenteZ and Calfreezy who are live at the show, and all the latest updates from the EA SPORTS FIFA team, including Dave Rutter!

FIFA 13 @ gamescom

FIFA 13 @ gamescom

So what are you looking forward to the most now?

FIFA 13 @ gamescom 2012

gamescom is a trade fair for video games held annually at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany and is the World's largest games event. Keep up to date with all the latest FIFA 13 news as it is announced from the show floor right here...

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Wednesday 15th August | Day 1 of Show

When I get back from Gamescom idk if I will be able to play FIFA 12 :/Callum
Also something pretty awesome is happening tomorrow at 4pm GMT tomorrow, keep your eyes on mah twitt0rzCallum
Average queue time is around 7-9 hrs for the big games (CoD/Battlefield/FIFA) tomorrow #GamescomCallum
Good night out with @KSIOlajideBT @NepentheZ @RomilyBroad @AlistairReid and Simon xD Shame Shnizel just isn't my thing.Callum
EA Sports Season Ticket details for #FIFA13: Some details still TBD. Please read!EA SPORTS FIFA
Whether you buy Season Ticket before or after #FIFA13 launch, you will still receive your 24 FUT packs. 1 pack each week.EA SPORTS FIFA
Buy Season Ticket before #FIFA13 launch: get early access to #FIFA13. Buy it after #FIFA13 launch: get early access to the next FIFA.EA SPORTS FIFA
Your EA Sports Season Ticket subscription lasts for 12 months after you purchase it. #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
EA Sports Season Ticket can be purchased via the PSN Store or the Xbox Live Marketplace.EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 early access via EA Season Ticket is a digital download that expires after the retail game is released.EA SPORTS FIFA
EA Sports Season Tkt = Early access to #FIFA13 (Sept22 in the UK), 24 free FUT Gold Prem. packs, and 20% off all packs! SPORTS FIFA
EA Sports Season Ticket will be available for UK/EU PS3 players this year, starting early September! Boom! #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
FIFA 13 Off-Screen Gameplay 2 - Gamescom 2012ignentertainment
FIFA 13 Off-Screen Gameplay 1 - Gamescom 2012ignentertainment
EA Sports Season Tkt: Early Access to #FIFA13 (Sept. 22 in the UK), 24 free FUT Gold Prem Packs, and 20% off all packs. SPORTS FIFA
GC 2012: FIFA 13 ograna. Zobaczcie jak wygląda tegoroczna piłka od EAgamezillah
Enjoying our #Gamescom news? Vote for #FIFA13 as your @IGNUK People's Choice Game of the Show! SPORTS FIFA
FIFA 13 Man City v Borussia Dortmund Gamescom 2012 Gameplaycvg
just got my copy of fifa 13
Just got an early copy of FIFA 13!! Who's mad :-)
FIFA 13 GAMEPLAY & INFOcalfreezy
What a legend. Grew the balls to say hi to @tejbz :-)
It's @romilybroad in a 'Mexico' shirt?!?!? Rutter
FIFA 13 | Gamescom Gameplayksiolajidebt
What the hell...
FIFA 13 Demo GAMEPLAY + Infonepenthez
gamescom - FIFA 13 Videos | FIFA Soccer BlogWe all love shakey over the shoulder low res videos right? RIGHT? Well it's that time of year again! gamescom, where amateur videographer...
#Fifa 13 I am in my normal role as touchline reporter bringing updates and injury news from the sideline.Geoff Shreeves
Got to play an early build of ultimate team thanks to @alistairreid the game looks unreal.!NepentheZ
“@SweetpatchTV: @ruttski Amazing day of #FIFA13 announcements at #gamescom yesterday Dave. Thank you so much to you and the team.” NP =)David Rutter
Played FIFA 13 Ultimate Team....... dayummmmCallum
I swear I feel like I am in a super secret undercover EA base.Callum
FIFA 13 is soo good, just need to be better at it lolJJ
FIFA 13 Gamescom Gameplayclasherv
YouTubing FIFA fans BCD... Rutter
So big
Gamescom :p
Finesse shot has been tuned down a lot but still very iseful inside the box. Much harder to finesse from outside the box #FIFA13Callum
#FIFA13 at #Gamescom. It's big! #jointheclub SPORTS FIFA
This game is unbelievably good. First touch feature is a bit heavy atm but Im sure they will tone it down for the final game #FIFA13Callum
FIFA 13 (head to head) is much much more enjoyable than any ive ever played. Love the first touch feature.NepentheZ
Contain is farrrrrr less over powered. Id say it's spot on. You can dummy your way past contain. Much much better than FIFA 12 #FIFA13Callum
FIFA 13 in one word: Realism.Callum
#FIFA13 at Gamescom. Would you like to play a game? SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 Attacking AI is unbelievably goodCallum
With FIFA Points you won't have to go through all the Xbox & PSN menus every time you buy a pack. No fuss! #FUT #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
FIFA Points let you to buy packs via MSP & PSN Wallet from the web app and the EASFC mobile App. #FUT #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
FIFA Points can be purchased in different amounts using Microsoft Points (Xbox 360) or your PSN Wallet (PS3). #FUT #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
New "FIFA Points" currency, previously only in PC FUT, comes to console for Ultimate Team #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 Clubs: Online Pros held server-side; Seasons format; no offline boosting; matchmaking lets you filter ANYS and human goalkeepers.EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 Match Day: Real-world events: form, suspensions and media gossip feature in dynamic commentary for top leagues.EA SPORTS FIFA
FIFA Ultimate Team Main menu entirely redesigned. Quick navigation with dynamic info #FIFA13 SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 demo out 11 September on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 Match Day - Live Fixtures: Offline mode where you can play the next 4 matches (across all competitions) of your chosen club.EA SPORTS FIFA
Currently at the FIFA 13 area, want to record in hd though, anyone know how to open the lock to get to the ps3?JJ
Going to finally play Fifa 13 OMFGYEAHSjfk;l'sdkjg;lj';dsjx'fjds;f;kjksdlanklds;nkfnlkdsnfklfsdnklnadklnflkanasdlkfaanklf;nkl;nzkndkflJJ
See what people had to say about FIFA Soccer 13 with Kinect! SPORTS FIFA
The music's pumping behind closed doors and #FIFA13 is on show to press at #gamescom - want to know more?EA SPORTS FIFA

Tuesday 14th August | EA Press Conference Day

FIFA 13 | Summary of New gamescom Announcements | Sweetpatch TVSo at the EA Press Conference at gamescom yesterday key announcements were made regarding Ultimate Team, Seasons, Virtual Bundesliga, Mat...
FIFA 13 | Play the Demo on 11th September | Sweetpatch TVIt was announced at gamescom yesterday that the FIFA 13 demo will be available on 11th September on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and will include...
FIFA 13 | EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day Announced | Sweetpatch TVElectronic Arts Inc. announced at gamescom yesterday that EA SPORTS™ has developed a new feature for FIFA 13 called EA SPORTS Football Cl...
FIFA 13 | Features and DetailsThe new FIFA 13 trailer was released today at Gamescom! Plenty of new features have been revealed for Seasons, Clubs and Ultimate Team as...
Our boss is no slouch! Here's #FIFA13 GM Matt Bilbey in his Spurs kit playing the CF role at lunch w/ the EA lads! SPORTS FIFA
More FUT13 screens from #Gamescom for you FUTheads out there. Again, all stats are non-final test data! #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 Exec Producer David Rutter (@ruttski) is on stage NOW at the Sony conference talking about PS Move integration SPORTS FIFA
Our new #FIFA13 site is up! SPORTS FIFA
New Seasons features, new Clubs features, EASFC Matchday, FUT13 reveal, demo release date. So... #FIFA13 #GamescomEA SPORTS FIFA

FIFA 13 | Ultimate Team

Cheeky sneak peek at the new #FUT13 Web app. Details about the web app will be announced at a later time! SPORTS FIFA
#FUT: New manager tasks help teach you the mid-level tasks of running a club. Complete them all for a Special reward! #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
#FUT: You can now challenge the Team of the Week for a reward every week. #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
#FUT: Players expect to play and win to keep high morale. Players with low morale recover to neutral faster. #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
#FUT: Morale – The scales have shifted! Neutral morale is the default and you’ll have to manage your squad to get high morale. #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
#FUT: Fitness has been redesigned to make fitness recovery items more important. #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
#FUT: You can buy unlock rewards in the EASFC catalogue for your club: e.g. more squads or bigger Trade piles. #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
#FUT: At the end of every Season in FUT there will be prizes based on how well your Squad performed. #FIFA13 SPORTS FIFA
“@RomilyBroad: Like the #FIFA13 Clubs news today? Praise be to him --> @iminurbase.” ALL HAIL GARRETH!!!!David Rutter
#FUT: Single-player Seasons in FUT have eligibility requirements. Online, it’s all about bringing your very best squad #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
#FUT: Seasons – There will be five divisions in Seasons to prove your Ultimate Team abilities. #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
#FUT: Online and Single Player versions of Seasons are now in Ultimate Team! #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
#FUT: Main menu entirely redesigned. Navigate quickly with dynamic info to keep you up to date #FIFA13 SPORTS FIFA
We're taking a quick break to play some #FIFA13 - then it's ULTIMATE TEAM news time! #FUTEA SPORTS FIFA

FIFA 13 | Clubs

Clubs: Free Agent Hub allows you to play Drop-In Matches, looks at leaderboards etc. before joining a club #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Clubs: AI teammates get better as your Club improves #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Clubs: Matchmaking allows you to filter ANYS and human goalkeepers to your preference #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Clubs: Maxed out Pros more realistic to real life players. Accomplishments and growth have been tuned #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 Clubs: Online Pro and CPU teammates stats based off real attributes from players in top leagues.EA SPORTS FIFA
Clubs: Now has Seasons format! No more confusing rank points/leagues. Get to Div 1! #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Clubs: Tuning to Human GKs… no more fully assisted in Clubs, tuned attributes and accomplishments #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Clubs: Online Pro for Clubs only: no more offline boosting. #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 Clubs: Online Pro progression saved on the server, not save files. Bye-bye hackers!EA SPORTS FIFA

FIFA 13 | Demo

#FIFA13 demo will include our new features Match Day and Skill Games.EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 demo teams: AC Milan, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus and Manchester CityEA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 demo: Out 11 September on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.EA SPORTS FIFA

FIFA 13 | Match Day

#FIFA13 Match Day: ‘Games of the Week’ feature now in kick-off mode; the biggest clashes from the real world of football.EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 Match Day: Real-world events like form, suspensions and media gossip feature in dynamic commentary for top leagues.EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 Match Day: real-world form, injuries, suspensions will be reflected in-game throughout the season.EA SPORTS FIFA

FIFA 13 | Virtual Bundesliga

#FIFA13 Virtual Bundesliga: pick your team and be part of monthly competitions. End-of-season champion crowned in live showdown.EA SPORTS FIFA
New! Virtual Bundesliga for #FIFA13 fans in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.EA SPORTS FIFA

FIFA 13 | Seasons

Seasons: Better star level matchmaking… Less RM vs. Tottenham, more RM vs. PSG #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Seasons: Division Titles! Basic promotion is ok, but winning the title = GLORY #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Seasons: New! Trophy Cabinet… show off your silverware and unlock better cabinets along the way #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Seasons: Persistent squad/team management saves. Set your club up once per squad update! #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Seasons: Division Titles! Basic promotion is ok, but winning the title = glory #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Seasons: More matchmaking options… guests, limited expansion, club vs. international teams, etc. #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Seasons: 2v2 is back! Play with a mate locally in ranked online play – it’s been a dev fav so far #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA

FIFA 13 | Ultimate Teams

#FIFA13 Ultimate Team: Special reward packs for returning #FUT players.EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 Ultimate Team: Seasons is now in #FUT! What Division will you get to?EA SPORTS FIFA
What it looks like behind the screen! Rutter
Only 1000 people... Rutter
FIFA 13 | Gamescom 2012 Trailer | Sweetpatch TVWatch the all-new FIFA 13 trailer direct from Gamescom 2012 and let us know what you think here! Keep up to date with all the very latest...
Our new trailer. Live! Thoughts?Romily Broad
You've seen the new #FIFA13 trailer Tweet us your favourite bit with #FIFA13Trailer!EA SPORTS FIFA
You can watch the EA press conference on the web at 3pm UK time here: Broad
gamescom - EA Press Conference | FIFA Soccer Bloggamescom 2012 is upon us and it all starts today (14th) with the EA Media Briefing at 4pm local time (3pm UK, 10am ET, 7am PT) where we'l...
Lots of senior folks discussing the press conference...Peter Moore in the background... Rutter
Not long now - presuming this will be launched at gamescom?Sweetpatch TV
@romilybroad horrified at the last photo I posted =) Rutter
@romilybroad looking a little surprised. Because he was. Rutter
God of NHL, Dean Richards - looking done on Nick Channon =) Rutter
BIG #FIFA13 announcements coming tomorrow from Gamescom in Germany: what's the news you're looking for?EA SPORTS FIFA
PreparingRomily Broad
Press conference preps Rutter
Balotelli's 'Hulk' is *in* #FIFA13 Tweet us the celebrations you'd like to see with #FIFACelebrationsEA SPORTS FIFA
@gamescomcologne @EA to Showcase This Year’s Top Titles at Gamescom 2012 #FIFA13 | TV
Taking off. Bye!!!!David Rutter
Last leg of journey. Long day hanging out on planes and in airports with Channon. There in an hour...David Rutter
Channon basking in the glory of an upgrade to business class!!! Rutter
Off to Germany to bosh out some new #FIFA13 info at Gamescom. If you'll be there, let me know...Romily Broad
Right. Time to go pack for #Gamescom to show off #fifa13 =) Will post pictures =)David Rutter

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