insomnia46 (i46) runs from 24th to 27th August at the Telford International Centre and today Multiplay have confirmed our awesome FIFA 12 tournaments for 1v1, 2v2 and New Format: FIFA Pro Clubs. They love FIFA at Insomnia, and each event they try to bring you some awesome FIFA activities, and this event is even more amazing than usual. They will be having their usual suite of FIFA tournaments, hosted in partnership with us!

insomnia46 | FVPA’s FIFA 12 Pro Clubs Offline Pilot Review

It's FIFA 12 Pro Clubs Pilot day at insomnia46 | Whatever FC v FVPA FC

Last weekend at insomnia46 and for the first time ever at a UK offline event, an eperiment was carried out with our Gold partners at the FVPA to test the viability of the very popular Pro Clubs element of FIFA 12. Normally played out online we brought players from their Clubs together at a social gathering to see […]
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insomnia46 | FIFA 12 Pro Clubs Pilot and WCG Today

This event will be a pilot for future Pro Clubs offline events.

Today has finally arrived as we kick off the UK’s first ever offline FIFA 12 Pro Clubs event! Since this was first announced it has created lots of interest and we look forward to seeing something completely new at a LAN. We also have the 3rd and final World Cyber Games FIFA 12 PC UK […]
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