FIFA 15 Pro Clubs | Sign Up for FIFA World Clubs Cup 2015

FIFA 15 World Clubs Cup, the biggest Online Pro Clubs Tournament in the World on PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE

Are you part of a FIFA 15 Pro Club team and looking for some excellent competition in 2015?  Then why not Register your Pro Club’s interest for the upcoming FIFA 15 World Clubs Cup, the biggest Online Pro Clubs Tournament in the World on PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE, in partnership with our friends over at […]
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FIFA 14 Pro Clubs | FVPA Launch New Website

Welcome to the home of Fifa Pro Clubs

We are delighted to announce that our partners at the FVPA did it again, with the release of the 3rd generation of their Website.  Whether your a casual FIFA 14 Pro Clubs social gamer or hardcore tournament player with the desire to win and help your team succeed, then your in the right place, the FVPA is for […]
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FIFA 13 Pro Clubs | FVPA Seasons – Brand New Domestic Competitions

The FVPA bring you FVPA Seasons for your FIFA 13 Pro Clubs delight

Our partners at the FVPA are pleased to announce the introduction of their FVPA Seasons League and Americas League for both European and teams from the Americas alike! European: Number of Applications dependent, they’re looking at running as many divisions as possible, with the view to European competitions being run in conjunction with other VP […]
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insomnia46 | FVPA’s FIFA 12 Pro Clubs Offline Pilot Review

It's FIFA 12 Pro Clubs Pilot day at insomnia46 | Whatever FC v FVPA FC

Last weekend at insomnia46 and for the first time ever at a UK offline event, an eperiment was carried out with our Gold partners at the FVPA to test the viability of the very popular Pro Clubs element of FIFA 12. Normally played out online we brought players from their Clubs together at a social gathering to see […]
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