PS4 Clubs are looking to start a FIFA 15 Clubs season on March 23rd. Basically it will be:

  • 8 teams/clubs taking part
  • Each club playing everyone twice in the division
  • Home & away fixtures will be played on the same night, when arranged
  • 14 games played over 7-8 week season
  • All fixtures will be scheduled with a 1 week deadline, where the club managers communicate via a FB chat group set up to arrange their matches in that 1 week time frame
  • Majority of clubs have specific nights that they only play on, so a compromise agreement will have to be taken to make sure the fixtures are completed
  • Club Squad criteria minimum players is 4
FIFA 15 Clubs
FIFA 15 Clubs

For this to work, we will have to all work together. Streaming matches would be ideal to promote the league.

We require the following details asap:

Club Team Name –
Link to EA Website URL/Web page of your Team name –
Location –
What nights/times your club plays –
Club Managers – Name / Game Tag / Contact details – FB / Twitter / Skype –

Post in the comment wall below please. Many thanks.

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