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  • 01. Commitment – It’s very important that if you are taking part and committing to the SPTV Masters Series that you have the time and can give it your full undivided attention to complete all the matches, as well as being in contact at all times, otherwise you will disrupt and waste other players time and Admin efforts. All players must be connected to the FB tourney chat groups, with their latest gamertags available so players can add to play games. Always respect other players and especially the admins who run it on your behalf. The following rules & regs should also be read before taking part. back to top
  • 02. Game Settings
    • GAME TYPE = Online (Please note when playing this format, your league teams will vary in rating depending on the latest updates you download during the tournaments)


    • STADIUM = Any

    • INJURIES = Off

    • OFFSIDES = On

    • BOOKINGS = On

    • HANDBALL = Off

    • HALF LENGTH = 6 Minutes

    • XB1 CONTROLLER SETTINGS = No Restrictions

    • LIVE SEASON = Off back to top

  • 03. Team Management – Each member could be nominated,randomly drawn or choose from a pool of teams from FIFA 16. Once selected you play and manage that team right through the tourneys without fail. For the tourneys to work everyone taking part has to be keen, reliable and in contact at all times for the tourneys to run smoothly. Your co-operation on this matter will be greatly appreciated. No Custom Formations – You can only use the defaulted formations provided in the game. No silly custom formations allowed (6, 7, 8 in defence). back to top
  • 04. Tourney Format
    This will vary right through the series and will be announced on the SPTV Schedule calender, where you can view and enter each tourney in advance. Always read in advance what is required to each tourney, which will vary each time. The tourneys themselves will be in 2 week blocks to be completed, so gives everyone a chance to still compete, but at the same time they will have set deadlines so everything still runs smoothly. Also we can add bonus tourneys that will be ran as nightly ones that could earn extra ranking points.

    Tourney format for T1: SPTV Shield (Oct 12th-25th)
    • FIFA Teams – (Players can only use 1 team ONCE, per group or round match & both opponents can not play with the same team in a fixture during the tourney)

    • Everyone can choose from the following pool of teams
    >> B. Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City, Chelsea, PSG, B. Dortmund, Juventus

    • Choose carefully and plan your teams that you will use as you progress through the tourney.

    Ranking PTS System

    • Tourneys graded 1-5, (the higher the level of tournament, the more points are won)

    • Entry bonus 2pts are given to players who complete the tourney x the grade – example = Grade 2 x 2 = 4pts or Grade 5 x 2 = 10pts

    • Win ranking points by playing in and winning matches in tournaments

    • The further reached in a competition, the more points are won

    • The aim to complete as many tourneys from the schedule & accumulate as many ranking pts to qualify for the end of season Grand Final Tourney

    • Future tourneys can be seeded based on their SPTV Ranking

    Ranking Point Table
    1st = 25 + Bonus pts
    2nd = 18 + Bonus pts
    3rd = 15 + Bonus pts
    4th = 12 + Bonus pts
    5/8 = 10 + Bonus pts
    9/16 = 6 + Bonus pts
    17/32 = 2 + Bonus pts back to top

  • 05. Arranging Fixtures – There are 4 ways you can arrange your games in order of preference:
    (i) Main way to secure your efforts to arrange your matches is always post Time/Date with your opponent on the tourney page comment wall. This is your stamp of being willing to play the game if it comes down to no effort or defaults. Also players can reference and check the page at all times. Once posted and both players agreed a time please honour and show to play. Repeating no shows without genuine excuse could lead to disqualification.

    (ii) If you are both on FB you can use the league group chat you have been assign to chat, where you can chat live. It is must to use during play as it’s vital you can communicate if any issues arise. Please make sure you add everyone in the tourney to your friends list on the site. Also be aware a lot of things can get missed in chat so unless your both on at the same time please don’t rely on this source as the main way to contact or arrange.

    (iii) Use other means of contacting, such as sending an email, Skype, Twitter, FB, etc.

    (iv) Xbox Message – always add all league players to your XB1, where you can see them to play.

    Please notify Admin of any issues straight away. Also notify your opponent and Admin if your unable to play the weekly fixture due to console issues, holidays, social or work commitments. back to top

  • 06. Tourney Deadlines – Dates will be set for certain fixtures, where games have to be completed within a certain period of time, so the tourney can progress. Any games not completed will be defaulted accordingly. Always check the tourney page info/schedule for that particular tourney & what deadlines have been set in advance.

    Tourney deadlines for T1: SPTV Shield (Oct 12th-25th)

    Group Games >> 12th – 19th (play the group games in any order)
    Quarters >> 20th – 22nd Oct
    Semi Finals >> 22nd – 24th Oct
    Final/3rd >> 25th Oct
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  • 07. Unplayed Fixtures – All league games must be played within the week’s window period. Defaults are dealt with accordingly:
    • If no effort is shown to one opponent, the other player gets the default 2-0 win.
    • If no effort is shown to both opponents, both players get a default 0-0.
    • If one/both opponents cannot play due to valid excuses (console or network issues), then it will be defaulted accordingly. back to top
  • 08. Hosting – If having problems connecting then swap hosts and play it as an away match, but notify Admin. back to top
  • 09. Connection Issues – If during the game it goes out of sync or freezes:During the first 5 mins, regardless of the score, you start again at 0-0; Any time after 5 mins, whatever time was left when it went out of sync you replay the game, but only the remaining time which was left (for example it froze on 60 mins and was 4-3 you reconnect and play only 30 mins of the first half at 4-3. Make sure when you reconnect, you both agree on the time to be played and what the current score is).

    N.B. You can decide between yourselves if you disconnect in the 2nd half, to keep it fair and play in the same direction and have the right player kicking off. When you reconnect play the first half as you did before (but no goals will count) then play the 2nd half with the remaining time needed to complete the match from before or if your opponent agrees or can host, swap the host and play that half or remaining time left – so your kicking in the right direction. Remember communication is vital and make sure your clear and you both agree. back to top

  • 10. Reporting Match Results – Do the following:

    • Click on post result link on your league page

    • Simply Post the result and scorers on the comment wall, using the correct format. Remember to include the group/round number

    • If any results have not been updated or there is a score line not quite right please contact Admin back to top

  • 11. Etiquette – Friendly banter is allowed but if it gets out of hand, it’ll be reviewed and the person(s) warned (yellow card/strikes). Any further complaints, the person(s) will be banned or suspended (red card). back to top
  • 12. Discretion – Tourney admin have the right to use their discretion to over come any problems throughout the tourneys or feel that anyone is disrupting the tourney should be removed. back to top
  • 13. Fair-play Rule, Bugs & Substitutions
    Fair-play: Fair Play – In our Tourneys we require some fair play, here are some requirements needed as follows:Backward pass – Every time you kick off, you must pass the ball backwards – No bombing forward!

    No pausing in play. At no circumstances can you pause the game in the middle of play. You can only pause in dead ball situations (throw-in, corner kicks, goal kicks, etc).

    In extreme circumstances where the game gets disrupted by bad lag/pausing, the player with the ball or who paused must give the ball back by kicking it out for a goal kick once resumed. Any other than doing so will be void, i.e. scoring.

    No show boating allowed, or keeping ball in defence for long periods of time, when you have the lead etc. Also no chopping down players on purpose and slowing down play – keep the game flowing.

    Game Bug: We also don’t allow gaming bugs that spoil the spirit of the game or gives some one a distinct advantage. Any bug that is discovered and can not be counter-acted e.g. Kick off bug, will be banned. Obviously this is a very grey area as its hard to prove if players do them deliberately or even know about the bugs, so benefit of the doubt will be given – but you must report it. However, do not use this as an excuse all the time for your defeats.

    Subs: Substitutions can only be made when in dead-ball situations (e.g. corner, throw-in, free-kicks, half-time, etc) and you have possession. If your player gets injured before 45mins, the opponent is obliged to kick the ball out of play. On making the change the team gives the ball back as for the Fair-play rule. After 46mins, the team with the injured player will have to wait till the ball goes out of the play and in their possession. back to top


Thank you for taking the time to read the above rules,
the Admin wish you the best of luck and more importantly have fun!

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