Division 1 – Umbro Players


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Sam Pasquale Sammy_P_Legend Marseille - Click to view James's profile Marseille
Michael Hart JadMock West Ham United
James Mole McConnell mishmashmole Spartak Moscow - Click to see Thomas Rudd's profile FC Shaktar
Derek MacVicar bhoy100 Spartak Moscow - Click to see Thomas Rudd's profile Spartak Moskva
Gary Ashe GaryJA1992 Newcastle United
Iain Howie howie1872 Hoffenheim - Click to see David White's profile Hoffenheim
Lee Stilling Stilling1982 West Brom
Gerard Rafferty Raffles126 Sporting - Click to view PJ's profile Sporting Lisbon
Terry Cavanagh tel2610 Sunderland
Justin Sherman Evans Rhys916lfc Dynamo Moscow - Click to see Neil's profile Dinamo Moskva
Kieran Wint Arcade70 Udinese - Click to view George's profile Udinese
Tony Hunt Snakey904 Hamburg - Click to see Gary's profile Hamburg

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