PGA TOUR 15 Rules

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  • 01. Commitment – It’s very important that if you are taking part and committing to the SPTV Tour Golf Season that you have the time and can give it your full undivided attention to complete all the matches, as well as being in contact at all times, otherwise you will disrupt and waste other players time and Admin efforts. All players must be connected to the FB league chat group, with their latest gamertags available so players can add to play games. Always respect other players and especially the admins who run it on your behalf. The following rules & regs should also be read before taking part. back to top
  • 02. Game Settings
    • Stroke play

    • 18 holes

    • Blue tees

    • Monday pins

    • Average conditions – 0-10 wind speed / wind direction

    • Time of day – Noon

    Courses assigned – To each playing round:

    • Round 1 – Bay Hill

    • Round 2 – Wolf Creek

    • Round 3 – Royal Troon

    • Round 4 – TPC Boston

    • Round 5 – Chambers Bay

    • Quarters -TPC Sawgrass

    • Semi’s – Whistling Straits

    • Final – St Andrews back to top

  • 03. Season Format
    • 18 hole Stroke-play League

    • The players randomly drawn into two groups

    • 5 players in each / Each player playing each other once (4 matches in total)

    • Using Challonge System

    • 2pts for a match win, 1pt for a draw

    • Top 4 in each group, will qualify to the Knockout Bracket:
    A1 vs B4
    B1 vs A4
    A2 vs B3
    B2 vs A3 back to top

  • 04. Arranging Fixtures
    Each player will be assigned into the PGA TOUR – FB Chat group to arrange their group matches as well as correspond with Admin, if required & vise versa. Each match is played on a random course from the game.

    On the league page, to view your matches scroll down to the MATCHES tab on the table, where you will see the match rounds 1-5. Matches to be played in round order & each round, a course will be assigned to play on.

    Group matches window – 27th July to 7th Aug
    Knock out bracket:
    Quarters – 8th to 10th
    Semi’s – 11th to 13th
    3rd / Final – 14th to 16th back to top

  • 05. Reporting Match Results – Do the following:
    Stroke play, also known as medal play, is a scoring system in the sport of golf. It involves counting the total number of strokes taken on each hole during a given round, or series of rounds. The winner is the player who has taken the fewest number of strokes over the course of the round(s).

    So when reporting your match scores over 18 holes will be as follows –

    Round 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5

    Player A – 67
    Player B – 70

    Player A wins by 3 shots = 3-0


    Player A – 74
    Player B – 65

    Player B wins by 9 shots = 9-0


    Player A – 69
    Player B – 69

    Matched Tied = 1-1 back to top


Thank you for taking the time to read the above rules,
the Admin wish you the best of luck and more importantly have fun!

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