FIFA 15 Pro Clubs | Happy 5th Birthday to the FVPA

We are delighted to send a massive Happy Birthday to our partners over at the FVPA, who have now been running for 5 years!  We have been talking to FVPA Founder, Kelley Lewis and please see an extract from his 5th birthday update below.

The FVPA has been running now for 5 years
Happy Birthday FVPA – 5 Years Young!


It amazes me every year how we continue to grow across the globe, the FVPA has websites in 10 countries and others’ are coming online, we have some great partnerships enabling iFVPA to have a larger reach. All dedicated and passionate about the FIFA Pro Clubs mode. We have been lucky enough to have some input into how the game mode has progressed over the years, maybe not as much as we’d of liked but some nether the less.

There are many sites around the world now offering Pro Clubs as part of a range of other modes and games. We remain firmly in position to dedicate all of our efforts on the closest thing to real football, but I do have some reservations about the future of FIFA Multiplayer.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration before forming views on what may or may not happen, firstly the social aspect of clubs versus the competitive side. The divide has been getting bigger for a couple of years now. When the mode was fresh there was a real big buzz but it hasn’t seemed to have evolved into a true team play eSport as we would have expected.

The vision has always been to have professional eSport FIFA teams competing against each other. There are some teams out there who do work hard and put on a professional front, it’s great to see but there are still far too many fly by teams who join competitions and Leagues and then fold or drop out after a couple of losses, it causes upset for staff who run the events and also the other teams who are committed.

Kelley Lewis | FVPA Founder

FIFA World Clubs Cup (FWCC) 2015

In partnership with the FVPA, we are really pleased to announce the return of FWCC. FVPA last ran this in 2012 where just short of 2000 players competed across PS3 and Xbox 360. This year they will be running it on PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE and we will be partnering with them as we look to again run the biggest online FIFA multiplayer tournament in the World!


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FIFA 15 Pro Clubs Offline Events

Cotty and Kelley went down to G3 at the Copper box arena as invited guests early in the year. They were literally blown away with the layout and staging of the event. FIFA had the lowest following of the 4 games shown but this can only be down the fact that watching 1v1 gets a bit boring after a while.

The other team games though were absolutely buzzing, the closest we’ve seen to this were the finals at insomnia on the stage. When we ran the Pro Clubs pilot at insomnia a couple of years back it was good and we saw glimpses of what it could be like. We will be looking to host an offline Pro Clubs tournament at one of the major events during 2015 with the lads over at the FVPA. Discussions are already underway and planning will begin very soon. We have a lot to take into consideration but we will be expecting to have some sort of online tournament to qualify. More info will be heading your way as and when we have something more concrete.

In Conclusion

We wish the lads a massive happy birthday and they deserve a BIG pat on the back for their dedication to the FIFA Pro Clubs scene.  We think it is only appropriate to leave the final words to Kelley:

It is really hard to try and sum up everything that has happened over the past 5 years, 4 major Website implementations, our bespoke systems Rivals and vPAD were awesome and a real shame we couldn’t maintain the development of them. We have had some very highs and some very lows. I wouldn’t change any of it. I look forward to working with everyone over the next 5 years and continuing to pursue our vision of creating a true professional Football eSport!  Thanks very much for your continued support!

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