FIFA 14 Pro Clubs | FVPA Launch New Website

We are delighted to announce that our partners at the FVPA did it again, with the release of the 3rd generation of their Website.  Whether your a casual FIFA 14 Pro Clubs social gamer or hardcore tournament player with the desire to win and help your team succeed, then your in the right place, the FVPA is for you!

Welcome to the home of Fifa Pro Clubs
Welcome to the FVPA

Welcome to the home of Fifa Pro Clubs

The FVPA established back in 2009 has been catering specifically for Pro Clubs year in year out. They jump at the chance to innovate and expand on their technology, pumping time and money whenever they can with one goal! To enhance your Fifa experience above and beyond the game itself.

Their previous infrastructure had gone beyond its sell by date and therefore they had to look at a complete overhaul. So the front end has been completely replaced for newer technology, the Forum skin has been replaced with a more popular coding layout to give them better scope for more add-ons.

Its been a massive project and took a lot of man hours and money to get where they are now, in the short term there will be some add-ons missing, these have to be recoded from scratch due to the coding format change, but bear with them, they’ll keep you updated as and when modifications are made!

If you play FIFA 14 Pro Clubs then go check out our partners at FVPA and tell them Sweetpatch TV sent you!

By Dave Witts

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