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insomnia46 | FIFA 12 Pro Clubs Pilot and WCG Today

Today has finally arrived as we kick off the UK’s first ever offline FIFA 12 Pro Clubs event! Since this was first announced it has created lots of interest and we look forward to seeing something completely new at a LAN. We also have the 3rd and final World Cyber Games FIFA 12 PC UK Pre-Qualifier with 2 places up for grabs today. We also have some FIFA 13 Hands On time with UK Community Manager Rob Hodson.  We look forward to seeing you there!

This event will be a pilot for future Pro Clubs offline events.
FIFA 12 Pro Clubs Pilot Event @ i46

Here’s what we have in store for you today:

FIFA 12 Xbox Pro Clubs Pilot Tournament

Brand new at this event is the FIFA Pro Clubs pilot. This new and exciting way to play FIFA and has teams of 4 facing off in a mixture of formats to see who is the best all round team. Be prepared to play 4v4, 2v2 and 1v1s to earn glory for your team. This tournament is brought to you in association with Sweetpatch TV and the FVPA.


  • 09:00 – 10:30 – Final Registrations (and to let us know you are here)
  • 10:30 – Assign seeds and create groups
  • 11:00 – Players Meeting
  • 11:15 – Kick off Pilot
  • PM – Final

World Cyber Games | FIFA 12 1v1 PC UK Pre-Qualifier 3

Each day we will also be hosting a pre-qualifier tournament, where you can earn 4 of the 16 slots in the UK finals tournament on Sunday 30th September at Eurogamer.

These will not be the last qualifiers, but it will be your best chance. With other qualifiers taking place in Samsung brand stores in the UK and last minute qualifiers available during Eurogamer itself (both TBA), but the most places will be available to Insomnia attendees.

It kicks off at 12:00 and you need to be registered by 11:30.  Come over to the FIFA Arena to register or RSVP here:

FIFA 13 Hands On

UK FIFA Community Manager Rob Hodson will be joining us with a copy of FIFA 13 that you can get hands-on time with! Rob will be there from around 11am on Friday until Monday afternoon with his shiny copy of FIFA 13!

Full FIFA Schedule @ insomnia46

Here is the schedule, so you can plan your event attendance in advance:

  • Sunday 26th August
    • FIFA 12 Pro Clubs Pilot Tournament (based on Ryder Cup format). FIFA Clubs teams of 4 players will play in a set of 4v4, 2v2 and 1v1 matches to find the i46 FIFA 12 Pro Club Champions.  Free to all event ticket holders. Please RSVP here.
    • World Cyber Games FIFA 12 PC UK Pre-Qualifier 3 – can you earn 2 of 4 of the 16 slots in the UK finals tournament on Sunday 30th September at Eurogamer? Please RSVP here: UK Pre-Qualifier 3 (Sunday)
    • FIFA 13 Hands-On – with EA UK FIFA Community Manager Rob Hodson
  • Monday 27th August
    • FIFA 12 2v2 Tournament – come along and play FIFA with your mates and enter the 2v2 tournament. £10 per team. Free to enter for TUP and BYOC ticket holders. Please RSVP here.
    • FIFA 12 Free Play Day  – Come and play some casual FIFA12 with some of the best players or your mates at Insomnia! Please RSVP here: Free Play Day – Monday
    • FIFA 13 Hands-On – with EA UK FIFA Community Manager Rob Hodson


The best value if you want to take part in all of the above activity, is to grab yourself a £55 TUP ticket. This includes full weekend entry into the venue, entry into the 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments. And you can take part in the clubs tournament also! With this ticket, you can use our campsite and not have to worry about pesky hotel costs! Its the summer event, so its a great time to take advantage of this!

If you have not got your ticket to Insomnia46 yet – head on over to the tickets page and get yours now!

Any Questions?

Any questions or queries?  Please post them in the comments and and we will get them answered for you ASAP!

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