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Hello everyone, welcome to my update article for you all on the new FIFA 13 News and the videos that I have been uploading to my channel. So let’s get stuck into this first off let’s talk about the new fifa 13 features which will be coming to us in September. A stand-out one is the new Match Day feature looks brilliant, this is a more in-depth version on EA Challenges.

There has also been a trailer released, which has some FIFA 13 Ultimate Team news, they show the style of the cards and and the new interface of the FUT Franchise, if you want to see an in-depth breakdown of that Trailer link will be below.

On my channel have been creating more and more series. Such as the ‘Best Team in Career mode” We are currently on Center Back so you haven’t missed much, the first episode is below but what is the series about? The series is showing you all my favourtie players though my career on FIFA 12. There will go from the Goalkeeper all the way to the Bench, yes I will be showing you my best bench to have on FIFA 12.

Another series which is starting is Ultimate Team, I wanted to bring more of in and show you all my squads and some players which stand out to me and bring it in the new series called “The Verdict” this isn’t just FUT this can be Career Mode and more. I hope you be sure to check out my channel or if you have any questions below, please be sure to post them in the comments below! Many Thanks Dan



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