Best of the Youtubers | Semi Finals Kick Off

They have taken 32 YouTubers who all have under 10k subscribers and put them in a tournament together to find out who you guys deem to be #1!  The Semi Finals have kicked off and you have until Midnight Saturday to vote for your favourites out of KGTLegitHD v ATSUROZ and WroetoShaw v BOYLE96HD.

Want 1,000′s of new subscribers and exposure to your great FIFA videos? Want to help find the next BIG FIFA YouTuber? Get involved with Best of the Youtubers.
Best of the Youtubers

If you check out the Best of the YouTubers at our partners at FUTWIZ, you can watch the 2 semi final videos so you can decide who you think is best.

Each round goes on for 3 days and you are able to vote once a day for these 3 days. Next os the final 2 and then you guys vote for your #1 and they will receive a prize of $2000!!

But don’t worry they have lots of Awesome Prizes! for you guys too. They have some Elgato Game Capture Cards and Razer Goodies and a few more things to give away too!

So head over to the Best of the YouTubers page and start voting or head over to their FUTWIZ Forums to discuss the matchups.

Also subscribe to their Twitter and Best of the YouTubers Twitter to keep up to date on how to win their awesome prizes they have on offer.

This is a great concept and we would like to pass on our thanks to NepentheZ, Calfreezy, AirJapes and FUTWIZ and to all the community for supporting this.

By Dave Witts

Hi guys, my name's Dave and football is my passion and Sweetpatch TV is my dream :-)

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