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Career Mode Madness is Here!!

Hello everyone and welcome to the CAREER MODE MADNESS!!!! Yes. FIFA 13 is now out to the public and I am glad to get my hands on a copy of the game. The first thing I did was open up Career Mode and try out all of the new features which EA and us have been talking about for the past few months.

Let’s begin, a new career mode series is starting this year with Oldham Athletic, we are looking to develop the team from the bottom of the rubble and then work them up to the glory of the premier league. If you would like to watch the current 6 episodes which are now live on my youtube channel, there will be a link to the first episode below.

Not into Manager Career Mode? I have also started a player career series with Blackburn Rovers. We are starting off as a young player and develop my pro on becoming a legend. But episode one didn’t get off to a flyer for Griffiths but if you want to find out more information Episode one in below.

But just before I leave you, I want to ask you all what team are you planning to use in FIFA 13 Career Mode or if you have already started and tell what team you are going as? and I hope you all subscribe for daily content and i’ll see you all next time.

Oldham Career Mode


Player Career Mode with Blackburn Rovers



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