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Dan here, check my video’s out that I have uploaded this week. Hope you enjoy them and if you’re new be sure to subscribe.

Welcome to my article for Sweetpatch.TV. This week I have loads of video’s out and I hope, you come on over and give them a watch. Over the past two weeks, we have had some Manager Mode videos. If you are just joining me, we are currently in season 5 with Aston Villa, the season is in mid-flow now.

We are just coming to the transfer window and it looks like we could be bringing in a new striker in January because we are thinking about the future and we think that Cisse will be on his way out soon, so we are looking for some younger players to improve the squad. If you are yet to join us on the Manager Mode Show, we are currently unbeaten in the Premier League and all competitions.

NEW FEATURE. There is a few new features to the Manager Mode Show and that is the post match interview and also the play of the day, please be sure to watch the videos to find out more about the new features.

Many Thanks to Sweetpatch and you guys.



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