Eurogamer Expo | Respect to the FIFA YouTube Massive

Last weekend at the Eurogamer Expo in Earls Court, London we were lucky enough to meet up with the FIFA YouTube Massive who lit up our weekend by providing a real footy atmosphere to the tournament of the UK’s World Cyber Games FIFA 12 qualification process. A set of FIFA YouTube mates came together for the weekend and supported their friend MattKPrince in an awesome, friendly and funny way. This video is a show of respect from us for their support over the weekend. We look forward too seeing a lot more of these lads on Sweetpatch TV this coming season!

Check out and subscribe to all the lads that made up the awesome Eurogamer Expo FIFA YouTube Massive:

We look forward to seeing plenty more from the lads here at Sweetpatch TV!

You can check out all our coverage and Vlogs from the Eurogamer Expo.

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  1. […] On the Saturday we ran the final 16 player Pre-Qualifiers 9 and 10.  The highlight of the day was the warm and fun atmosphere that was introduced by the attendance of the FIFA YouTube Massive as thy supported their friend Matt K Prince who won Pre-Qualifier 10.  Check out our video of respect to the FIFA YouTube Massive here. […]

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