FIFA 13 Demo | Have you tried EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day?

So hopefully by now you’ve been able to download and enjoy the FIFA 13 Demo, but do you know all the features that have been included for you to enjoy? Check out how to activate EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day so you can maximise your enjoyment of the demo.

The FIFA 13 demo is available through Origin™, Xbox LIVE® and PlayStation Network®
FIFA 13 Demo

EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day

Experience a new feature that will drive the deepest and most meaningful connection yet between a videogame and the real world of sport ever achieved. FIFA 13 and the football season will be completely connected for the world’s top leagues. EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day will drive real-world news ripped from the headlines around the world into FIFA 13.

In the demo, real-world drama such as injuries, suspensions, team form, and media gossip surrounding Manchester City, Arsenal, Juventus, AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund will play out in-game and be reflected through in-game commentary.

Player form—displayed in detail within the team management screens—will change regularly, so players in form, or players struggling to keep form, will see their stats change throughout the season based on their real-world performances.

To activate EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day
During the team selection screen of the FIFA 1 3Demo, turn on EA SPORTS Matchday (Press Y/Triangle) to get the latest roster update.

So how are you finding EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day in the FIFA 13 Demo?

FIFA 13 is out 25 September in North America; 27 September in EU and 28 September for UK and you can Pre-order FIFA 13 now for exclusive content from our:

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