FIFA 14 Pro Clubs | The Birth of Club de Kings | Preseason

The main man Hugh Wizzy, over at our friends at KICKTVGaming,  has assembled an amazing group of FIFA YouTubers for some epic FIFA 14 Pro Clubs.  See how they get on her on their journey on the Road to Division 1 and claim victory over other Pro Clubs.


We can’t wait to see how this series develops.

Join the Club! Use Hashtags #CDK #YTProClubs on Twitter and let them know how the club is doing!

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  1. Hugh Wizzy
  2. Airjapesfifa
  3. FIFAPlaya
  4. R9Rai
  5. AnesonGib
  6. BiscuitFaceGaming
  7. Wepeeler
  8. Calfreezy
  9. iLukasx100
  10. Kazooie94
  11. Dirty Mike
  12. Nick28T
  13. TheBurntChip
  14. Chris Macchi

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