FIFA 15 | Best Goals of 2014

Enjoy some of the best FIFA 15 goals EA SPORTS saw in 2014!  Which was your favourite and can you score better ones in 2015?  Make sure you send your best goals in to EA SPORTS during 2015.


Which Was Your Favourite?

From all the goals in the video above, let us know in the comments below which was your favourite and why?  We very much prefer the planned finishes rather than the just “blast them from a long way out” goals. What do you prefer?

Enter Your FIFA 15 Goals in Goal of the Week

For a chance to feature in the next edition of EA SPORTS’ FIFA 15 Goals of the Week, all you need to do is fill out your details in a simple form and submit a YouTube link to your goal.

To improve your chances of being picked, ensure you provide EA SPORTS with:

  • The whole goal using the default camera – not just the replay
  • Goals captured or uploaded from your console/PC (they won’t use goals recorded with your mobile camera off TV screens/monitors)
  • Something Amazing!

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By Dave Witts

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