FIFA 15 Gamescom

FIFA 15 @ Gamescom | Producer Interviews and Gameplay Reviews

A number of key media companies have spent time interviewing FIFA Producers and playing the game and we bring you a set of videos here to give you the latest feel on how the game is being received out at Gamescom.

GameSpot | All The New Stuff in FIFA 15

What new does this year’s version of FIFA bring to the series? Danny lists everything he noticed in his time with the game at GamesCom 2014.


IGN | FIFA 15 Gameplay Demo

See the first gameplay of this year’s edition with a full Premier League match played live from IGN’s booth at Gamescom.


KICK TV Gaming | FIFA 15 vs PES 2015 Gamescom News & Updates

EASPORTSFIFA unleashed news at Gamescom about the upcoming release of FIFA15 while Konami finally unveiled some info about PES2015 and the new My Club mode!


All FIFA 15 News @ Gamescom 2014

Catch up with all the amazing FIFA 15 news announced so far at Gamescom.  Stay with us all week as we will bring you all the latest announcements as they are released.

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