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FIFA 15 | Sign Up For Our Xbox One Old School 1v1 League

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and did you get yourself an Xbox One (or already have one)?  Why you ask?  Well we are looking to start our traditional 1v1 League & Cup season on Xbox One, kicking off the season sometime in January. Interested?  Find out how to get signed up here.

Xbox One Old School 1v1 League
Xbox One Old School 1v1 League

Basically it will be home & away fixtures, playing 1 or 2 fixtures per week deadline. Depending on the numbers will determine what teams you will play with or the players involved can give their feedback on what teams would be best for a level competitive league.

We only require the most reliable & fully committed players to be involved, otherwise you let the league down and other players who are keen to play. So please be fully committed before entering. Once we get the numbers then we can set an official kick-off date.

So if you have what it takes in FIFA 15 to take on a team that will be Champions, then sign up here.

By Dave Witts

Hi guys, my name's Dave and football is my passion and Sweetpatch TV is my dream :-)

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