FIFA 14 FIFA Masters Series (FMS)

FIFA Masters Championship | Season 2 Round-up and Season 3 Announcement

With the conclusion of Season 2 of the FIFA Masters Championship (FMC) ladders at Christmas, we bring you a round-up and announce details for Season 3.  Check out who were the winners and see how to get involved with Season 3.

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FIFA Masters Championship (FMC)

Season 2 Round-up

Xbox 360

The second season was concluded in December and our winner was TG iMr DeedZ who was a clear victor by accumulating 220 pts in 20 games played.  An impressive record of 13 wins, 6 draws & only defeated the once.

Twinkle10 was the runner up with only 57 pts, but was the 2nd most active player on the ladder with 17 games played.

MikeChilds came 3rd with 34pts  only playing 8 games but with a record of 5 wins, 1 draw & 2 defeats.

Check out the final ladders here:


Was not as active as the 360 but was concluded with xenq winning the ladder by a closer margin. His record was played 8, won 4, drew 1 and lost 3, giving him 12pts.

Runner up was Nailsea-Gas who played 6 games, won 3, drew 1 & lost 2, which only gave him 6pts.

Check out the final ladders here:

Congratulations to all the active players who gave our ladders a try which had a more schedule feel to them.

Season 3 Announcement

We plan to run our 3rd Seasons with a different Ladder system, where you can play at any time of the day and challenge other players or your mates to progress up the ladder league.

We are going to run a pilot ladder for the Xbox 360 for one week commencing on Friday 31st January and concluding on the 7th February.

We do plan a prize for the weekly winner of that ladder. If all goes well we will then launch the ladders across all consoles to see who will be victorious on their console in FIFA 14.

More news here soon as soon as the Season 3 Pilot Xbox 360 Ladder is available to join in with.

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