FIFA 14 FIFA Masters Series (FMS)

FIFA Masters Championship | Sign Up for Season 2 Xbox 360 and PS3 Ladders

We kicked off the first short season of our FIFA Masters Championship (FMC) on both 360 & PS3 in October as a pilot to get the Players and Admins used to the playing system, ready for the 2nd season, which we plan to kick-off on Friday November 15th from 5pm. Get signed up today and be ready to play on Friday!

Our Xbox 360 and PS3 FIFA Masters Championship Ladders
FIFA Masters Championship

The Aim of the FMC

The FIFA Masters Championship (FMC) is a structured ladder which encourages FIFA players to get involved in your FIFA community and where you match up against fellow FIFA fanatics. Players can play as much as they like in the Ladders and it will run up to Christmas and will consist of 2 leagues:

  • League 1 (Everyone starts here)
  • The Championship (Your chance to gain promotion in to the Elite League)

The  top 4 players in the Championship at the end of the season will gain automatic entry in to the next season of the FIFA Masters Elite League, a high profile league where you match up against the best FIFA players around.

Achievements Gained

  1. The Ladders will give you a sense of achievement by playing in a great community that is friendly whilst competitive.
  2. Test your skills with like minded players.
  3. To gain and build your stats on the site.
  4. To play in Cups or Tourneys.
  5. Promotions through the divisions to get a chance to play the Elite players around the world.
  6. Chance to win some prizes along the way.

How the Ladder Works

Everyone starts in League 1 and the idea is to play as many games as you can to gain promotion when the Divisional Updates run, which will be every 14 days. When a Divisional Update happens the top 4 players will gain promotion into the Championship and the bottom 4 in the Championship will be relegated.

  1. To play matches click on the Match Scheduler.
  2. You simply click on the available times showing by clicking on the “Sign up For
  3. Select the times that will suit you and you know you will be available to play. The times available will be set and will not change during the week or weekend.
  4. Once you have selected a time you will then be matched up with an opponent.
  5. A little tip when looking at the the scheduler is if you noticed the little ppl icon by the times is coloured, that means there is already a player who has selected this playing time, which means you have more chance of getting a match up with an opponent, which is key.
  6. Another tip to ensure ladder games flow, would be to contact the players profiles via the ladders. Send a guestbook message or site message or add them to your site buddy list & console. That way you could even arrange games yourself and make sure you select the same time slot. The more players selecting the same time slot the more chance of a match up.
  7. The game times close 15mins before, this is a period where you will be matched up with an opponent.
  8. Once you see who your opponent is you can contact them via the site and arrange to play.
  9. Once played you then have 60 minutes to report the result. Both players must report.
  10. If you click on the “Open Matches” which is located at the bottom right of the site in a grey bar, you can see your matches where you can open to report the score or add comments, etc…
  11. Once reported the ladder will be updated.
  12. The Points System is explained here.

The New Schedule

  • 2nd Season Kicks off – Friday 15th Nov @ 5pm.
  • 2 ladder divisions called
    • Championship (current 11 active 360 players) & (current 8 active PS3 players) benefit from being active and get promoted in to the Championship!
    • League 1 (everyone else who signed up but has not yet played & new sign ups on both consoles)
  • Ladder Activity Tourney
    • (Play as many games in a period – 18-24th Nov. Most games win, if tied highest ranked players win prizes!
  • Divisional Updates – every 2 weeks.
    • 29th Nov & 13th Dec.
    • 4 promoted to Championship
    • 4 relegated to League 1
  • Season Ends: 23rd December 2013
  • Season 3 Kicks-off:  January 6th 2014

Game Schedule

Monday – Friday

  • 8pm
  • 10pm
  • 11.30pm

Saturday & Sunday

  • 3pm
  • 5pm
  • 7pm
  • 9pm
  • 11pm

When does FMC kick off?

The second season kicks off this Friday, 15th November @ 17:00 (UK time).

How do you join in the FMC?

To get involved all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. If you have not already, you need to first get signed up and become a part of the biggest and best competitive FIFA community in Europe.
  2. Then when you application has been approved, and only if you have not previously entered the FMC, just visit the FIFA Masters Championship (FMC) page from Friday and select either the Xbox 360 or PS3 ladders to play in.
  3. Click on the blue “Signup” button and then you just need to wait for the BIG kick off on Friday!

Enjoy and Good Luck

Enjoy guys and we look forward to seeing how you all get on when the FIFA Masters Championship (FMC) Ladders season 2 kicks off on Friday @ 17:00.

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