FIFA 13 FIFA Masters Series (FMS)

FIFA Masters Series | How to Play and Have Fun

With the tournament only a few days away we want to ensure every one is 100% clear of what you need to do to partake and to have an amazing time.  Check out our latest news feed regarding Wednesday evening.

An amazing new opportunity for FIFA gamers to compete and play in a season dedicated to their favourite FIFA game at online and offline events.
Chec FIFA Masters Series (FMS)

Check out all the very latest detailed news on the tournament in our latest posts:

In preparation for Wednesday:

  1. Firstly, please ensure you have registered for the event at mySweetpatch.TV. Anyone who has only registered at Facebook will not be in the bracket. You MUST be entered at mySweetpatch.TV!
  2. Secondly, be in the mySweetpatch.TV Chat Room by 19:30.
  3. Thirdly, please can anyone who has already registered in the event and is now unable to attend, please can you reset your RSVP on the event to “Not attending” as the bracket will be drawn from all those that have RSVPed as “Attending“.
  4. Can you stream your matches? If so we would love to feature your matches during the tournament. Please can you add your Twitch.TV channel to your “Profile” at my.Sweetpatch.TV.
  5. And finally, enjoy and have an amazing time 🙂

As a reminder, the schedule for Wednesday will be as follows:

  1. All players to be in mySweetpatch TV Chat Room by 19:30
  2. The tournament registrations will close at 19:30
  3. Bracket will be created from 19:30 with everyone who has RSVPed
  4. Tournament will kick off by 20:00
  5. Tournament will be based on single elimination bracket with each round being Best of 1 format
  6. Tournament rules will be based on our normal 1v1 Xbox Rules
  7. Results must be reported on the mySweetpatch.TV Event Comments Wall by both players
  8. Tournament will complete in same evening

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