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FIFA World | New Gameplay Engine Has Arrived

Welcome to FIFA World’s biggest update yet, release 9.0! First announced at Gamescom 2014, FIFA World’s new engine has arrived! Gameplay innovations now make it even easier to play like a pro, with new skill moves, more realistic goals, fluid control, smarter teammates, new free kick controls, tactical selection options and much more.


To complement gameplay improvements, FIFA World has a whole new look, from a new User Interface to Match Presentation. There is a lot more to discover, FIFA World is a whole new game after R9.0!

Gameplay Features

Attacking Intelligence

Your teammates will now make smarter attacking runs to give you better passing options. In addition, your attacking players have improved offside awareness, they will stutter step or curve their runs to stay onside.

Complete Dribbling

They have improved the Face Up Dribble to be more authentic and useful, giving you a better feel when taking on your opponent one-on-one. They have also added the Precision 2.0 dribble to keep the ball close to your feet when you attack.

First Touch Control

A new system eliminates near-perfect control for every player by creating uncertainty when receiving difficult balls. Poor passes are harder to control, enabling defenders to capitalize on errant balls and poor touches. Variables such as defensive pressure, trajectory of the ball, and velocity of the pass all factor into a player’s success.

Tactical Free Kicks

You can now add a 2nd and 3rd Kick taker to direct free kicks. There are plenty of combinations to score fantastic goals from this type of set piece. On the defensive side they counter-balance this by adding the wall rush, wall creep and the ability to add/subtract players.

New Skill Moves and Celebrations

You asked for more and they’re giving you more! New skill moves will help you get past defenders with style. Score a goal and you will have new ways to celebrate!

Quick Tactics

You can now bring up 4 quick tactics in the game:

  1. CB Rush,
  2. Team Pressing
  3. Swap Wings
  4. Offside Trap

New Animations

Almost 2000 new gameplay animations have been added, giving you more variation with everything you do in a match.

Re-designed Keyboard & Mouse controls

They have completely reinvented this control scheme by adding a more sophisticated system that makes even easier for beginners. For experienced players, they added a lot more options to Keyboard & Mouse controls, such as Pass and Go and Fancy Passes.

Other Improvements

New look for the User Interface

From the very first menu, FIFA World will look like a whole new game! The game now features a new, modernized look for the U.I.

New Match Presentation

Yet another visual improvement makes its way into FIFA World with a whole new match presentation.

Updated Match Commentary

Imported from FIFA 15, the match commentary has been updated for all languages, giving matchplay an authentic and up-to-date feel.

New Stadiums

The game now features six new stadiums:

  1. Villa Park
  2. Boleyn Ground (Upton Park)
  3. The KC Stadium
  4. Liberty Stadium
  5. Imtech Arena
  6. Veltins Arena

Italian Language Support

Fans in Italy can now enjoy FIFA World in Italian, bringing the total number of available languages to 10!

> 100 Fixes

Release 9.0 also includes over 100 issues fixes, CLICK HERE for a full list.

Download for Free

You can download FIFA World for FREE here and get all the very latest FIFA World news here.

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