FIWC 2014 | Your Final Chance to Qualify

14 days are all that remain for you to book your place at the Grand Final in Rio de Janeiro in Season 6! Keep the points racking up, and start putting together that win-streak. It could make all the difference when the final whistle blows!

FIWC 2014 | Final Chance to Qualify
FIWC 2014 | Final Chance to Qualify

In Rio, all 20 Grand Finalists will get to experience both the FIFA World Cup™ and the FIWC Interactive World Cup, but only one of them will walk away with the virtual world cup, USD $20,000 in prize money and a trip to the next FIFA Ballon d’Or!

The Grand Final in Rio, the first to ever be played in the same host city, and at the same time, as a FIFA World Cup, has made players raise their game to unprecedented levels in the hopes of making it to Rio to experience virtual and real FIFA World Cup history. Said Season 2 qualifier Jorrick Boshove:

Qualifying alone for the Grand Final would have been more than awesome, But now it being held in Rio, during the official World Cup, truly is a dream come true.

Ways to qualify

Whether you focus on qualifying via the main leaderboard or through the popular Community Qualifier format – in which you could qualify with as little as 30 matches played in a season – now is the time to sign up, stay up and play! For everything you need to know about the online qualification modes visit our dedicated How To Play section.

Goal of the Tournament

Season 6 of the FIWC 2014 kicks off the annual search for the Goal of the Tournament! Every year, millions of goals are scored during FIWC qualification, many of which deserve to be given a special place in the FIWC record books. Have you scored a goal worthy of being awarded a place on the prestigious shortlist? Maybe your strike or sensational header is good enough to be declared the Goal of the Tournament? Submit your goals and let the community decide with their votes! For more information on how to submit your goals, visit the Goal of the Tournament page.

Sign up now!

Do you want to be among the 20 Grand Finalists enjoying a 2014 FIFA World Cup experience in Brazil? Visit the How To Play section of to familiarize yourself with the FIFA Interactive World Cup. The section walks you through every aspect of the competition, from how to sign up, to the tournament format and, most importantly, how to qualify! Your FIWC journey to the heart of the 2014 FIFA World Cup begins now!

Win a trip to the 2014 FIFA World Cup!

To celebrate the six online qualification seasons for FIWC 2014 they’re giving away six trips to the 2014 FIFA World Cup! Each online season, the FIWC is giving away a trip to watch a game at the 2014 FIFA World Cup to the winner of the Country Challenge! To find out everything you need to know about competing in the Country Challenges visit the Country Challenges page in the How To Play section.

Do you have what it takes to win the FIFA Interactive World Cup? Our FIWC14 champion will talk away with USD 20,000 and a trip to the FIFA Ballon d’Or! Sign up now!

To stay up to date all the latest news, tournament information, videos and announcements follow @FIWC on Twitter and become a fan of the official FIWC Facebook Page. You can also watch FIWC videos on YouTube by visiting FIFATV on YouTube.

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