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gamescom 2013 | FIFA 14 EA Press Conference

Apologies for my over eagerness yesterday, join us today as gamescom 2013 kicks off with the EA Press Conference where all the final FIFA 14 announcements should be made. Watch it live today at 3pm UK, 4pm CET, 7am PT and also watch the brand new FIFA 14 trailer.

Watch it live on 20 August - 7am PT, 3pm UK, 4pm CET
gamescom 2013 | FIFA 14 EA Press Conference

So what do you think EA will announce about FIFA 14 at gamescom 2013?

Gareth Bale can’t wait to check out the latest from FIFA 14 and we can’t blame him. Don’t forget to tune in to the Press Conference today!

Watch it live at the EA Gamescom 2013 site where they will be bringing you all the latest news throughout the show.

This is what our good friend Marius from EA SPORTS had to say:


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