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Hi guys, welcome to my weekly take on all things FIFA here at Sweetpatch TV, full of tips, tricks, and other DirtyTalk to help you enjoy FIFA just a little bit more!  In this episode we check out all my very latest videos from my series Ultimate Team Path to Power and my first FIFA 13 Deck Decider.

My Videos from the Last Week

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team – Path to Power 109 – 7 Chem|
FIFA 13 Ultimate Team – Path to Power 110 – That Neymar|
FIFA 13 Ultimate Team – Deck Decider v2 – Ace of Clubs|
FIFA 13 Ultimate Team – Path to Power 111 – Worth the difference?|
FIFA 13 Ultimate Team – Path to Power 112 – Different Formation means a Different Style|

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What’s going on guys, I am Japes, or airjapesfifa on YouTube, Twitter, and every other social media outlet, a former collegiate footballer here in the U.S. of A, who became a devoted FIFA player after transferring schools and having far more time on my hands. I started making FIFA vids in the summer of 2011 in order to help people enjoy FIFA as much as I do, and to see if a world audience would listen to me talk about what I love most, which is football! I am an avid Bayern Munich supporter, and am more than happy to answer any questions that people may have. So, stop by my channel or catch me on twitter, and I will gladly speak to you there!

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