Mad Catz UNVEILED | Sign Up for Online Qualification Tournaments Next Week

Here at Sweetpatch TV we will be hosting 2 online tournaments next week for none FIFA Pro Players, with the winner of each tournament qualifying for the Final live at Mad Catz UNVEILED playing FIFA 14, plus the winner at UNVEILED will get to play FIFA 14 versus KSI!  Get signed up for Wednesday’s or Friday’s tournaments here and see if you can get to play FIFA 14 at Stamford Bridge!

Are you ready London… for Mad Catz UNVEILED? An exclusive pre-Eurogamer event live at the home of Chelsea FC at Stamford Bridge on Thursday 26th September!!

Are you ready London… for Mad Catz UNVEILED? An exclusive pre-Eurogamer event live at the home of Chelsea FC at Stamford Bridge on Thursday 26th September!!

Come join Mad Catz for some hands-on time with pre-release titles before they hit store shelves, meet industry insiders, and some one-on-one time with the Mad Catz professional gamers.

As well as hosting the final of the FIFA tournament live, the finalist will get the opportunity to play YouTube sensation, KSI, live on stage and streamed globally on the eve of the launch of FIFA14!

Online Qualification Tournament Requirements

To take part in the Online Qualification 64 Player Tournaments you need to:

  1. Live in the UK
  2. Be 18 or over
  3. Not be a recognised “Pro FIFA Player”
  4. Be a registered user at mySweetpatch.TV
  5. Be in the first 64 to Register your attendance on our mySweetpatch.TV Event by Tuesday 17th/mySweetpatch.TV Event by 19th September @ 21:00 UK time
  6. On Tuesday 17th/Thursday 19th September
    1. Bracket will be created after 21:00 with everyone who has RSVPed
  7. On Wednesday 18th/Friday 20th September
    1. All players to be in mySweetpatch TV Chat Room by 19:30
    2. Tournament will kick off by 20:00
    3. Tournament will be based on single elimination bracket with each round being Best of 1 format
    4. Tournament rules will be based on our normal 1v1 Xbox Rules
    5. Results must be reported on the mySweetpatch.TV Event Comments Wall by both players
    6. Tournament will complete in same evening

Tournament Prizes

The winner of Wednesday and Friday’s tournaments will be invited to the Mad Catz UNVEILED event at Stamford Bridge on 26th September to play in the Live FIFA 14 Final and the package will include travel and accommodation plus loads of goodies!

Live Coverage

The tournament will be streamed live on Wednesday/Friday and a celebrity Show Team will bring you the tournament in a unique way.  You will also be able to watch matches where players have the capability to stream live.

Sign Up

Get signed up today for the Wednesday and/or Friday tournaments to ensure you don’t miss out on the chance to play FIFA 14 at Stamford Bridge and meet and play against KSI!

By Dave Witts

Hi guys, my name's Dave and football is my passion and Sweetpatch TV is my dream :-)

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