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Merry Christmas | FIFA 13 ModdingWay Mod Version 1.3.0 Released

Merry Christmas to you all as our partners over at  have released version 1.3.0 of their FIFA 13 ModdingWay Mod for your PC. See what it includes here and treat yourself for Christmas and upgrade your copy of FIFA 13 for the PC today!

Merry Christmas as Moddingway have released Update 1.3.0 of the FIFA 13 ModdingWay Mod!
FIFA 13 Moddingway Mod v 1.3.0

FIFA 13 ModdingWay Mod Version 1.3.0 added:

  • New tournaments in Game Modes / Tournaments
    • UEFA CL, UEFA Europa League, Euro, Copa America, World Cup, Confederations Cup
  • New UEFA and Europa League Kits
  • New Faces
  • New Boots
  • Updated Boots assigned to players
  • New Revolution Mod Features (add faces without need to add instructions to lua files)
  • Added managers : Mourinho and Alex Fergusson
  • Added substitutes clothes:
    • Manchester United and Arsenal.

Download the latest version of the FIFA 13 ModdingWay Mod:

  1. FIFA 13 ModdingWay Mod | v1.0.0 All in One
  2. FIFA 13 ModdingWay Mod | v1.1.0 Update and v1.3.0 Update

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