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We plan to run our FIFA 14 World Cup tournaments on both the Xbox One from May 19th and if we get 32 players for each console we will replicate the exact structure of the World Cup!  Get yourself signed up today and see if you can lift the World Cup.

England Lift the World Cup on St Georges Day
England Lift the World Cup on St Georges Day


If we get the numbers a week before we will run a live draw to see what World Cup team you will play with and Group. If we get the full 32 then we will mirror the real competition. Otherwise it will be a similar format. This will be a fun tourney and in the spirit we do require all games to be completed regardless what team you get. The idea being to have a build up and look forward to the World Cup in June.


  • Group stages – 19th to 31st May
  • 2nd Round – 1st to 6th June
  • Quarters – 7th to 9th June
  • Semi – 10th to 12th June
  • Final/3rd – 13th to 15th June

Sign Up

So what are you waiting for, cement your place for the draw and enter our fun FIFA 14 World Cups by posting on the comment wall of the link below that you want to take part in:

Good Luck.

By Dave Witts

Hi guys, my name's Dave and football is my passion and Sweetpatch TV is my dream :-)

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