The Boot Room | FIFA 13 Tactical Tips | Improve Your 4Tunes

Darren Cross from Match Magazine and Matt Cuttle bring you their latest 4 episodes in their Boot Room series.  Check them all out and see if you can improve your FIFA 13 4tunes.  Improve your FIFA 13 with tips for Scoring Goals, Taking Corners, Creating a Custom Set-Piece Corner and Shooting Techniques.

FIFA 13 Tactical Tips | Scoring Goals

Learn about scoring goals from different situations in FIFA 13, whether you are trying to shoot from inside the box or shooting from long range.

FIFA 13 Tactical Tips | Skill Improvements: Taking Corners

Everyone has their own preferred method for taking corners but there are some fundamental factors that will increase your chances of scoring. This year the quick corner is working for Darren.

FIFA 13 Tactical Tips | Create A Custom Set-Piece Corner

This episode Darren talks us through creating a custom set-piece corner.

FIFA 13 Tactical Tips | Shooting Techniques

This episode Darren talks us through shooting in different situations.

Let us know if these tutorials help you improve your FIFA 13 4tunes.

Join Darren and Matt next week for more FIFA 13 tips.

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