Wepeeler’s FIFA 13 vs PES 2013 Comparison

Here’s Wepeeler’s annual breakdown of the trailers. He had hands-on both games at E3 and in his words:

“this year is another win for FIFA, as usual :P”

Enjoy his annual instalment here.


By Dave Witts

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2 replies on “Wepeeler’s FIFA 13 vs PES 2013 Comparison”

I have always been a PES fan , but after the 2012 edition , i decide to switch to FIFA ! lets tell the truth , FIFA is much better than PES ! I was waiting for the official outfits of alot of national teams and clubs from 2011 edition , but it seems there is no hope !For example , I was playing with Brazil and what i just feel that i am playing with Nigeria because of the same outfit ! Just tell me , from when brazil plays with a green top outfit ! Plus , PES is soo simple and easy , for example , you are passing the ball from the goal kick , within few seconds , you will have reached to the other side and maybe scored a goal , but FIFA is not easy , u need to be really a good player in order to reach to the other side of the pitch ! The gameplay in Fifa is much realistic and more fun ! In addition to , dont forget about the amazing tricks and moves in FIFA which are not present in PES ! PES tricks are childish and boring ! Lets speak about a mode in PES called as ” Become a Boss ” ! This is the most silly mode i have ever tried it ! Imagine that the game is playing by itself ! you are not doing anything except wasting your time waiting for the matches to be over ! And about the ” Master League ” , In my opinion , I think that the Master League in 2008 and 2009 edition were much better and more fun ! 2011 and 2012 is very boring and I am sure 2013 Mater League will be the same ! Lets speak about shooting in PES , Imagine , when i rech the goal , I order my player to shoot the ball to right side , but what is going that the ball will go to the left side . More over , You can’t shoot up or down , it is always down ! So the result is , when u reach the goal , just press ( square ) and the ball will go where ever it wants ! But in FIFA , you can exactly shoot the ball where ever you want , up down or right left , middle down or middle up , middle to the right or middle to the left ! Even that you cant shoot from far away ! Knowing that in PES 2011 , Shooting was great and you could from far away . You can shoot to either sides , the right or the left , up or down , or just simply in the middle ! Lets speak about the online facilities , PES online is a crap ! It’s very crappy , bad and slow ! You can’t enjoy an online gaming in PES ! Where as on FIFA , it has one of the best online servers that never stuck or make you feel taht is is slow ! You will playing online with the same exactly speed you play with in the offline mode ! Plus , the online gaming on FIFA is more fun than that in PES , there are leagues , cups , etc ! In conclusion , We can result that FIFA is much better that PES without forgetting that i was a PES fanboy !

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