Play FIFA Win Ca$h

1. Play FIFA with your friends for cash at
2. Virgin Gaming hosts free-entry, pay-to-play tournaments and head-to-head challenges for competitive FIFA gamers of all skill levels. Compete for big cash prizes or friendly stakes from the comfort of your own home.
3. All you need to get started is a FREE membership, an active Xbox LIVE Gold or PSN account, and a copy of FIFA 13. Set up a game of your choice at, then meet your opponent in the EA SPORTS Arena lobby via the FIFA 13 menu. When you're done, their Game Validator automatically processes the match outcome and pays out the winner accordingly.
4. No More Friendlies!
5. For gamers 18+

Virgin Gaming | Introducing Cash Challenges and Tournaments with Updated Xbox Tournaments App

The new #XboxTournaments app is here!

Gamers competing via the Xbox Tournaments with Virgin Gaming app on Xbox 360, now have a new way to win cash and show off their gaming skills. With the new update, now available, players can now enter buy-in tournaments and head-to-head challenges using their own money.
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VG Profile | TCM Gaming’s Olly Shaw

Featured in this week’s VG Profile is Olly Shaw, an internationally recognized FIFA Pro Gamer. Olly is a member of the TCM-Gaming team and has the skills to back it up.

In collaboration with our partners at Virgin Gaming, we are delighted to kick off today our new joint feature “VG Profile“, where a well known competitive FIFA player is featured, including our interview with them and a video assessment of their gameplay style by Carl at VG.  We kick off today featuring our good friend, TCM-Gaming‘s Olly “Shawzi” […]
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Virgin Gaming | Only 4 Days Left to Qualify for ESPN FC Road to El Clásico Challenge

Can you place in the Top 16 and go on to play for your share of $3,000?

There are only 4 days left to qualify for the ESPN FC Road to El Clásico Challenge  Finals!  Only the top 16 players on each leaderboard will qualify for the bracketed finals, so keep playing to secure your spot and the chance to take home your share of the $3,000 prize pool!
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JP’s Weekly Update | Path to Power 2.0

JP's FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Path to Power 2.0

Hi guys, welcome to my weekly take on all things FIFA here at Sweetpatch TV, full of tips, tricks, and other DirtyTalk to help you enjoy FIFA just a little bit more! In this episode we catch up with my Path to Power 1.0 and 2.0 series, Pick a Number, Deck Decider and my trip […]
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Virgin Gaming | ESPN FC Road to El Clásico Challenge

Can you place in the Top 16 and go on to play for your share of $3,000?

Play any FIFA 13 cash games on Virgin Gaming during February 14th-25th, 2013 and be automatically added to either the Xbox 360® or PS3™Leaderboards. The top 16 players from each leaderboard will be placed into the bracketed tournament finals on March 2nd, 2013 to battle it out in the El Clásico Finals for $3,000!
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Dirty Mike (michs09) | FIFA 13 Ranked H2H | Season Greetings Ep.19 | Division 1?? + Vegas Event Talk

vVv Gaming FIFA player Michael "michs09" LaBelle talks about his thoughts going into the Virgin Gaming World final which will take place on February 9th in Las Vegas.

Our good friend vVv Gaming FIFA player Michael “michs09” LaBelle talks about his thoughts after the Virgin Gaming Challenge Series World Final in Las Vegas plus other topics around the subject of the competitive FIFA scene.
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