FIFA 14 FIFA Masters Series (FMS)

Creating Your Next-Gen Competitive FIFA Experience

Here at Sweetpatch.TV, we are delighted today to to introduce you to your next generation of competitive FIFA 14, powered by the world renowned Electronic Sports League (ESL) platform!

Bringing the Next-Gen Competitive FIFA Experience
Sweetpatch TV Engage New Platform Partner

We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Electronic Sports League (ESL) to provide the tournament platform for your competitive FIFA 14 season.

The ESL platform provides everything we need to enhance the Sweetpatch.TV experience for our dedicated community.  The complexity behind the platform to ensure a fair and level playing field, reporting and statistics in online and event tournaments is next to none.

The beginnings of the FIFA Masters Series (#FIFAMS) was a pilot for the FIFA 14 season.  This covered offline events such as the Multiplay Insomnia series, EGL and Sweetpatch.TV’s own monthly online tournaments.  The involvement, feedback and support received was fantastic which called for the need to raise the game in terms of structure.

#FIFAMS was first announced at the Insomnia 48 event, March 2013, Telford, where Sweetpatch.TV hosted a tournament and streamed live.

It was a great start for the birth of the FIFA Master Series as we saw 229 players getting involved, participating from all parts of the UK, Europe and the US.

To continue the success of the #FIFAMS pilot, Sweetpatch.TV will be integrating the ESL platform into our current structure to support all planned activity for FIFA 14, including:

  • #FIFAMS on PS3, PS4, Xbox One and PC
    • The expansion onto further platforms.
  • #FIFAMS for 2v2, 5v5, Clubs and FUT
    • An ever expanding project aiming to bring FIFA to team based competitors.
  • FIFA Masters Elite League
    • A high profile two month league with heaps of streamed matches, pre and post-match interviews and highlight shows.
  • FIFA Masters Championship
    • A structured ladder which encourages new players to get involved in the FIFA Masters community and allows promotion to the Elite League.
  • FIFA Masters Knockout Cup
    • A fun FA cup style tournament for all of the Sweetpatch TV community.

After the success of our previous season we researched our options and found an awesome synergy with the new team over at ESL UK.

This new partnership will benefit Sweetpatch.TV admins and players alike, creating heaps of automated content and less administrative work load allowing the small team to concentrate on the community and events. This will result in more competitions for you, the amazing Sweetpatch.TV community.

Alongside the new tournament systems, a variety of new features on Sweetpatch.TV’s new competitive hub, which includes skill based match making, player and squad rankings and an evolving profile system that tracks how well players perform.

Peter Mather, Community Manager, ESL UK, commented:

It’s a very exciting time for ESL UK as we welcome on board the well established and highly respected Sweetpatch.TV team. We have long admired the work carried out by the dedicated Sweetpatch.TV team, and after several meetings both parties quickly realised that ESL offered the perfect solution for all of their tournament needs.

The partnership will help expand the competitive FIFA community, and enhance the competitive process for all those who are currently involved.

From Kick-off Today

The new competitive hub will continue to evolve as time progresses, however, from the offset players will be able to:

  • Sign up and become part of the biggest and best competitive FIFA community.
  • Play against fellow Xbox 360 and/or PS3 FIFA 14 gamers using the three click Match Making process.
  • Join in the FIFA Masters Championship Ladder for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Join us today as the exciting launch is made official and we introduce a whole new FIFA experience.

Don’t miss out and join the BIG kick off by signing up now and become a part of the biggest and best competitive FIFA community in Europe.

By Dave Witts

Hi guys, my name's Dave and football is my passion and Sweetpatch TV is my dream :-)

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