DSG’s Weekly Video Madness

Hey everyone, Welcome to another week. This week I have some great videos for you and a start of a new series that began, last Sunday! Hope you all enjoy!

So Team of the Year came into packs, with the likes if Alonso, Xavi, Messi, Ronaldo and many more. So I went out and got myself 7,500 FIFA Points to try and find myself one of them players! There will be a link below to Part one of my Pack Opening! Hope you enjoy the video.

So being a Manager of Oldham Athletic is starting to heat up! The season is soon to come to an end, let’s hope we can make it a brilliant ending. Were we left off was by us closing down West Brom for first place and hopefully we can take over them or hold out our second place.

We have started a new series. Best Career Mode players, this is where I find the BEST from the rest players and show you them in a video. Hope you enjoy the series.





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