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Virgin Gaming | Vegas Seat Giveaway Final

Last weekend our partners at Virgin Gaming offered you one last chance to win a seat at the $400,000 Virgin Gaming FIFA Challenge Grand Final in Las Vegas on February 9th, courtesy of Sony.  16 lucky winners from last weekends qualifiers compete on Saturday 19th January for the one place in Vegas!  The Final will be live and ready to go at about 16:00 UK time!  So who is your favourite to win?

Win your way directly to the $400,000 FIFA Challenge Final in Vegas with Sweetpatch TV
Last Chance | Vegas Seat Giveaway

Grand Final in Las Vegas

The Grand Final in Las Vegas on 9th February 2013, will see 256 finalists battle it out in the annual FIFA 13 tournament exclusively on PlayStation 3 to decide which player walks away with a massive $140,000 grand prize. Last year UK FIFA champion Adam Winster walked away with the massive winners cheque for $167,000, can you do it this year?

By just being one of the 256 finalists promises rich rewards:

  • Players will take home $500 even if they fall at the first round and
  • Winning just two games guarantees a $1,000 payday.

Vegas Seat Giveaway Final

The 16 randomly selected winners from all of last weekend’s qualifiers are ready to go and will play in the tournament:

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Tournament Links

The tournament bracket and full details can be found here.

Live Coverage

The Grand Final between iCrossyXx (Matt Cross) United Kingdom and AcerPoldi (Sascha Schumacher) Germany can be watched below (many thanks to Sascha Schumacher for this).

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