EGL FIFA 13 FIFA Masters Series (FMS)

EGL9 | Mad Catz FIFA 13 Spring Championship Matches from Saturday with KSI

Catch up with all the matches from Saturday’s Mad Catz FIFA 13 Spring Championship at EGL9 as KSI kindly joined us all day to both commentate and play in the tournament.  Enjoy all the streamed matches here.

KSI v Sean Bradley (Warm Up)|
Alex Jackson v Alex Webb (Round of 32)|
KSI v Curt Blunt (Round of 32)|
iTFNeo v Lewis Howard (Round of 32)|
Ty Walton v Aaron Whitehead (Round of 16)|
KSI v iTFNeo (Round of 16)|
Adam Winster v Robert Hewitt (Quarter Finals)|
KSI v Adam Johnston (Quarter Finals)|
Ty Walton v Adam Johnston (Semi Finals)|
Adam Winster v Sean Bradley (Semi Finals)|

Adam Winster v Ty Walton (Grand Final)


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