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Electronic Sports World Cup | FIFA 13 Tournament Kicks Off

The Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) FIFA 13 Grand Final kicks off today in Paris. 32 of the world’s top FIFA 13 players will compete today in the qualification stages with the Grand Final taking place on Saturday.

The 32 players competing for the title of Electronic Sports World Cup FIFA 13 Champion 2012 include:

  1.  Adrien “Aquino” Viaud
  2.  Julien “Juliianooo” DASSONVILLE
  3.  Sébastien “Sebcastell” CASTELL
  4.  Ovidiu “Ovvy” Patrascu
  5.  Marian “NiGhT” Avram
  6.  Marcel “MARSOU” Bourjac
  7.  Nicolas ” CHOKA” Guillaume
  8.  Pauk “Marik” Mar’yan
  9.  Bryan “Bryan” Moyeaert
  10.  Abdulaziz “Alshehri” Alshehri
  11.  Mazin “ZozoElo” Tharwat
  12.  Syahril “Warrior” Mispardi
  13.  Arash “EMPEROR” Khamenehee
  14.  Morteza “TNT” Montazerozzohour
  15.  Herry “XCN Kong” Soffian
  16.  fadh “the great” Karim
  17.  Muhammad “Sprinter” Yunus
  18.  Arif “Magic Legs”
  19.  Tony “Nevergiveup” Kok
  20.  El Islam “Jamesdine_Dz” Khemkhoum Nour
  21.  Sofiane “UsmistDz” Remam
  22.  Martin “MBC” Cuevas
  23.  khaled A. S. GHERYANI
  24.  Hamza M. Ridha M. MHANNA
  25.  Sagar “lOvEsx” Vyas
  26.  Alfonso “Ramos” Cuevas
  27.  André “Buffo” Casagrande
  28.  Tassal “Tass” Rushan
  29.  David “DaveBtw” Bytheway
  30.  Malte “MalteTC0” Hedderich
  31.  Bruce “Spank” Grannec
  32.  Adam “Adam” Winster

It should be very interesting as the 32 finalists include current:

  • ESWC Champion Adrien “Aquino” Viaud
  • FIWC Champion Alfonso “Ramos” Cuevas
  • FIWC Runner-Up Bruce “Spank” Grannec
  • EA SPORTS Challenge Series Champion Adam “AdamW” Winster
  • i46 Champion David “DaveBtw” Bytheway
  • EGL8 Champion Julien “Juliianooo” Dassonville

So who is your favourite?

Check out all the latest progress during the day at the home of ESWC FIFA 13 Tournament.

By Dave Witts

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