FIFA 13 | FSB’s PC Mini Preview

Also on display during our partners at FIFA Soccer Blog‘s second day at the EAC studio was the PC version of FIFA 13, running on a pretty beefy rig and a three monitor display. Yes, that does say three!

Messi in FIFA 13

Messi in FIFA 13

The FIFA 13 version on the PC brings:

  • Dual and triple display setups have been optimised.
  • Window Mode is back to help low performance systems and capturing.
  • FIFA 13 PC is feature identical to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.
  • Mouse and keyboard support is now available.
  • Click to man mark and mouse drag player runs have been added for offline modes.

Check out FIFA Soccer Blog‘s FIFA 13 – PC Mini Preview to learn all about FIFA 13 on the PC in much more detail.

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