FIFA 14 | EGL’s Ultimate Team Pack Opening & Giveaway Tonight

With FIFA being one of EGL’s most common LAN events, they are proud to announce a new partnership with to bring to you a very special event on the game’s most widely played mode, Ultimate Team!


As fans of this mode, EGL are fully aware of the rush to try and create the ultimate dream team as a new FIFA game releases every year. This year, they have teamed up with and will be live streaming a FIFA 14 Pack Opening Marathon & Giveaway TONIGHT from 18:00 UK time, exclusively on the Xbox 360, to help kick start your dream team with a nice bag of e-cash or even a top rated player.

Those who are planning on purchasing the game on the Xbox One will be glad to know that you will be able to transfer any players to and from the current-generation and next-generation platforms. Therefore, if you’re planning on purchasing FIFA 14 on Xbox One, you are still eligible to win.

By Dave Witts

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