FIFA 14 KICKTV Gaming YouTube World Cup | Welcome plus Group Draw

You didn’t think our friends at KICKTV Gaming would let the World Cup go by without cooking up something epic, did you? What do you get if you cross 32 Youtubers with 8 groups and 1 World Cup? Hugh Wizzy fills you in on all the details and check out all the groups in the World Cup Draw.

Welcome to the FIFA 14 KICKTV Gaming YouTube World Cup

Hugh Wizzy fills us in on all the details and find out who the 32 YouTubers competing are.


World Cup Draw

See which Youtubers will take on each other in the KICKTV Gaming World Cup Draw!


So who is your favourite?

Please let us know who your favourite(s) is/are in the comments below and we very much look forward to seeing this World Cup kick off.

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