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FIFA 15 | Next Gen Demo on GameSpot Stage @ E3

As the World Cup kicked off yesterday, EA Lead Producer Nick Channon was on the GameSpot stage with Danny O’Dwyer (@dannyodwyer) demoing Next Gen FIFA 15 to E3.  Watch the 15 minute video of the demo plus we also review all the new features Nick refers to.

GameSpot FIFA 15 Next Gen Stage Demo Video


Features in Focus

We take a look at each of the new features Nick referred to in the demo:

  1. FIFA 15 Next Gen on PC
    As already announced pre E3, all the Next Gen features in FIFA 15 will also now be available on PC (spec of your PC allowing).

  2. New Player Models 
    They have completely reworked the player models and supporting animations to ensure they look fitter and and more athletic, aka “Authentic Player Visuals”.

  3. Living Pitch
    Using a new technology they have developed over the past 2 years called “Physically Based Rendering”, the pitch now comes alive showing the effects of the players running and sliding around the pitch by simulating the footsteps and slide tackles of every player on the pitch throughout the match.  Can’t wait to see how muddy a pitch gets on a rainy day with loads of slide tackles taking place!

  4. More Responsive Gameplay
    There was some criticism of FIFA 14 that the gameplay often felt unresponsive.  This year they have addressed this with many more animations added and a lot more tight turns introduced.

  5. More Context Based Player Emotions
    Love the example where Neymar pushes Nasri and receives a yellow card for his troubles.  Players from both teams then react accordingly either clapping the ref or showing despair at the decision.  With the new “Emotional Intelligence” players have memories and will show emotion based on the context of the match. With over 600 new emotional reactions, players now respond to pivotal moments on the pitch – bad tackles, missed chances, epic goals – as they would in real life.

  6. New Ball Physics
    “Correct Contact” and “Run Touch Dribbling” really emphasis the new ball physics as where a players foot touches the ball applies the right spin now, so close dribbling looks much more effective and winding runs with close control ala Messi should be far more effective.  Huge impact also on passing the ball with the right spin physics being applied now.

  7. New Tackling System
    Much more realistic, controlled and responsive tackling situations now created.

  8. New Improved AI
    EA wanted to improve the AI so it felt much more realistic when you played against the AI. Great example provided where Man City had “parked the bus” against Barca and a fine finish from Messi was adjudged offside, but he only realised after he had started to celebrate (on the ground with the new “Get Up Celebration”) and Joe Hart was still disappointed as he thought he had conceded, bringing a brand new emotional feeling in to the game.

  9. The Return of Tournament Mode and Guest Play
    Delight at the return of 2 key modes which unfortunately could not be included in Next Gen FIFA 14 due to time constraints.

  10. FIFA Ultimate Team
    No updates but plenty coming in the next month about all the new things in FIFA 15 FUT.

  11. Community Feedback
    It is massively important and really helps them priortise and shape the game.   Nick used the example of overpowered headed goals from crosses and through balls where they received lots of feedback last year and both of these features have been tuned this season.  Please always leave us your feedback as EA watch what you say and take it on board.

Thanks to Nick and Danny for an awesome and open demo of what we have to look forward to with Next Gen FIFA 15.


As Nick stated, your feedback is massively important, please take a moment to post your feedback to us in the comments section below and lets ensure our voices and thoughts are heard by EA SPORTS.

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