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As the World Cup kicks off today, we take a look at how FIFA 15 will immerse you in the world’s greatest game. Match Day is dynamic and immersive with improved commentary which will highlight unique fan reactions, while chants and behaviours will be relevant to country or even your club. New bench reactions, side line character animations, 10-man goal celebrations, and more will keep you engaged in the story of the match. Watch the video and learn more here.

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Dynamic Match Presentation

  1. Custom behaviours mean unique crowds with cheers and chants based on their club or country. For example, Liverpool fans at Anfield will be noticeably different to Boca Juniors’ support in La Bombonera.
  2. Iconic stadiums look incredibly authentic and feel fully realised with recognisable fans and unique atmospheres.
  3. Commentators will reflect on how the fans are reacting, like the Manchester City crowd doing the Poznan and club songs.
  4. Ball boy animations, bench reactions and active LED boards will keep you in the game. Matches in FIFA 15… so good, you need all-new 10-man celebrations!

Check out more images and a sample of Dynamic Match Presentation commentary at EA SPORTS FIFA 15 Dynamic Match Presentation article.

Pre-Order and Win

Fans who pre-order FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition will receive up to £30+ value of FIFA Ultimate Team content including new EA SPORTS Football Club items and game celebrations.

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