FIFA 14 Next Gen | Join in with This Weeks Sunday Series Cup #8 on PS4

Join in with our Sunday Series Cup on the PS4 this Sunday to help us find our Monthly Series Champion for May. To determine this you will be accumulating points from where you finish in each weekly cup and then the player with the most points after the 4 cups in that month will be crowned the Monthly Series Champion.  Don’t miss this week’s BIG tourney by signing up here!

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Introducing the Next Generation of competitive FIFA 14

Also, to make things more interesting we will give each cup a theme, were we use different teams across the world and vary the ratings to spice things up and test your FIFA ability. So always look out what the theme or team we will be using for each tourney.

Weekly Cup Points System

  • 1st = 25pts
  • 2nd = 18pts
  • 3rd = 15pts
  • 4th = 10pts
  • 5th – 8th = 5pts
  • 9th – 16 = 2pts
Current Standings after Cup 7 (May)
Pos. Player Points
1. Mr Plough 55
3. Pilm 25
howie1987 25
5. TABZ420 18
PelesBigToe 18
7. Ste J Smith 15
PrimeTurbo 15
9. TheRealCH66 10
10. Fogsgaard 5
NyrnZ 5
Gemmer- 5
13. Revi-Revix 2
hailsquared 2
KongMoelgaard 2

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Good luck to all those competing and let’s see who will be crowned our May Series Champion.

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