FIFA 14 FIFA Masters Series (FMS)

FIFA Masters Championship | Join In and Have Fun Playing in Season 2

Sign up for individual match dates, progress through different divisions and enjoy competitive FIFA 14 on Europe’s leading competitive platform, the FIFA Masters Championship (FMC). Ready to get stuck in? We’ve just launched the second in our competitive seasons of the FIFA Masters Championship (FMC), read on to get all relevant information about how to take part and how to enjoy your competitive FIFA 14 with us.

Sign up for individual match dates, progress through different divisions and enjoy competitive FIFA 14 on Europe's leading competitive platform
FIFA Masters Championship (FMC)

What is the FMC?

The FIFA Masters Championship (FMC) is an automated ladder system, designed to cater to your competitive needs, starting you on the first leg of your esports FIFA career. It sees regular competition in divisions determined by skill, catering to the days you can play. We made the FIFA Masters Championship as accessible as possible, allowing users to search for opponents of equal skill level, in real time. This helps create a fun, level playing field for all those that take part.

Have Fun Playing in Season 2

If your still unsure if the FIFA Masters Championship (FMC) is for you, check out the additional information provided here:

  1. Matchmaking | I want to play!
  2. Activity | How often do I have to play?
  3. Divisions | The construction of the divisions
  4. Points System | There are four possibilities to win or lose points: A victory, loss, default loss or draw.

Join in the FMC?

To get involved all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. If you have not already, you need to first get signed up and become a part of the biggest and best competitive FIFA community in Europe.
  2. Then and only if you have not previously entered the FMC, just visit the FIFA Masters Championship (FMC) page and select either the Xbox 360 or PS3 ladders to play in.
  3. Click on the blue “Signup” button and then you just need to go and select your preferred match times and get playing!

Enjoy and have plenty of FIFA Fun

Enjoy guys and we look forward to seeing how you all get on in Season 2 of the FIFA Masters Championship (FMC) Ladders.

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