FIFA 13 FIFA Masters Series (FMS)

FIFA Masters Series | Tom Stokes is our FMS Online June Champion

The first ever Online FMS tournament has been won by UK FIFA Pro player Tom Stokes of Team eNigma. At the end of a long night of FIFA 13 which started out with 71 players, Tom came out on top in the final against Finland’s Juho Järvelä. Congratulations to Tom and check out the bracket and highlights here and full report to follow asap.

Congratulations to Tom as he wins himself free entry to insomnia49 courtesy of Multiplay UK and a Tritton 720+ 7.1 Surround Headset courtesy of Mad Catz.

Live Stream

You can catch up with the whole FMS Live Show over at our Sweetpatch TV Twitch TV Channel.

By Dave Witts

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