#FSBatEAC | Follow Dave and Tom Playing FIFA 13 at EAC

Our good friends Dave Bryant and Tom Mills from our partners at FIFA Soccer Blog are lucky enough to be spending time out in Vancouver at EA Canada checking out FIFA 13. Follow their time in Vancouver here…

Dave and Tom Play FIFA 13 at EAC (#FSBatEAC)

Our good friends Dave Bryant (@dave797) and Tom Mills (@tem1985) from FIFA Soccer Blog are lucky enough to be spending time out in Vancouver at EA Canada checking out FIFA 13. Follow their time in Vancouver here...

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Post Event News

@Cazaderon cant say mate sorry. Monday!Dave Bryant
Typed up 90% of my #FIFA13 gameplay impressions. Plenty of surprises beyond the 5 main elements. Embargo ends Monday .Dave Bryant

Trip Home | Thursday 19th July 2012

@glencooley yeah much better. as you say 98% of these things have already been considerd but we still managed to ad value. i hope.Dave Bryant
@glencooley it was pretty incredible, instant feedback, instant answers. Didnt want to come back :(Dave Bryant
@Xaor yeah it was pretty cool when we found out. They are most definitely #xaorscorner fans.Dave Bryant
@Xaor you were an item on the agenda of a big gameplay meeting at EAC a few weeks ago lolDave Bryant
@glencooley amazing mate, so so so so good lol ended up with us and 5 devs at one point playing 13 and bouncing ideas. Crazy good :)Dave Bryant
My phone is still stuck on vancouver time. It refuses to change. It's trying to tell me something.Tom Mills
Unpacked, washing on. Normality very much resumed. Little bit of passport drama on the way home but not quite as bad as the way out.Tom Mills
@LiamPetersen bloody painful lol but we've got a lot of respect for the embargo's we're given and would never break it.Dave Bryant
@Calfreezy yeah mate :) that was the best thing about EAC tbh just meeting all the guys and giving iur feedback about FIFA direct.Dave Bryant
@MUFan23 no need to hope mate. We've got shit loads of content.Dave Bryant
@Calfreezy under embargo but its only a short one. Gamescom is actually a possibilty....Dave Bryant
@Calfreezy nope. Thats all coming at Gamescom. Saw lots of other things though ;)Dave Bryant
@SoK1989 @tem1985 looking like Monday atm but we're waiting on a final confirmation from EA.Dave Bryant
@Calfreezy you should be. Some insane new things.Dave Bryant
Landed safely at Heathrow. Now in the car on the way home. Absolutely amazing trip. So much #FIFA13 content on its way to FSB soon.Dave Bryant
@mikeastuto had a long chat about that particular topic with aaron. Will discuss it on the podcast.Tom Mills
At the airport. *sob*Tom Mills
@TGI_TwistedMind first touch control really emphasises just how "free" the ball is.Dave Bryant
@Filianthur lots of great news. Typing some of it up as we speak :)Dave Bryant
At Vancouver airport waiting for our flight back to the UK. Free WiFi = WIN #FSBatEACDave Bryant

Day 3 | Wednesday 18th July 2012

Just found out that @Xaor was brought up at an official EA gameplay meeting. Amazing lol #FSBatEACDave Bryant
Heading off to EAC very soon. #FSBatEAC #FIFA13Dave Bryant
@dav3duncan yeah was brilliant mate. Lots of really good stuff in comparison to when we played last time.Dave Bryant
Currently sat writing up a few things which all being well we can post very early next week. #FSBatEAC #FIFA13Dave Bryant
@kleiberl hey mate, we sat with Aaron McHardy for about 3 hours and discussed everything. Impressions/podcast coming soon.Dave Bryant
Last day today :( big press event at EAC where we'll be seeing lots of cool #FIFA13 presentations and grabbing some interviews #FSBatEACDave Bryant
@ruffneckc yeah it does and they mentioned some tuning they've done so full backs don't get too sucked in to forward play.Tom Mills
@Dave797 @PompeyHumber @teebs33 @FIFASoccerBlog I won that game in every way that counts.Romily Broad
@PompeyHumber @teebs33 @FIFASoccerBlog @RomilyBroad I did batter Rom though. His "its an E3 build" excuse just didnt wash.Dave Bryant
@teebs33 @FIFASoccerBlog @dave797 @RomilyBroad I was encouraging his comeback vs QPR. How did Torres miss in 90th? Oh yes, Dave messed up!Simon Humber
Really great day today, much #FIFA13 sampled and amazing access to the guys behind the game. Huge press event tomorrow before we return.FIFASoccerBlog
@NathanLeeGibson not really, except everything is smoother than when we last played, and it was good then.Tom Mills
We can talk about gameplay though and it felt super tight compared to the E3 build. Screws really tightened up in all areas. Impressed.Dave Bryant
We can answer gameplay stuff so feel free to ask about that, although timing is crap as uk based guys are asleep except probably @CalfreezyTom Mills
@Dave797 I heard you guys are getting a new build tomorrow so some of the issues your seeing should be fixed.VanCityVilla
Saw and played some truly awesome things today. Cannot wait to share once the time is right. not long to wait #FSBatEAC #FIFA13Dave Bryant
Amazing day! Massive thanks to all the EA guys who came and spent hours upon hours with us throughout the day. #FSBatEAC #FIFA13Dave Bryant
Mental day. Gutted we can't talk about most of it yet. But very excited for when we can, which can only be a good thing.Tom Mills
Currently playing #FIFA13FIFASoccerBlog

Day 2 | Tuesday 17th July 2012

Bit of breakfast then getting over to EAC to have a look at #FIFA13 again. Yuss!Tom Mills
Big day today. We're going hands on with the latest #FIFA13 code in just a few hours. #FSBatEACFIFASoccerBlog
@VanCityVilla 100% gameplay locked in a room :) and then all the press stuff tomorrow. Come and see us.Dave Bryant
@Dave797 ha! It got you through the jet lag didn't it!Romily Broad
@romilybroad you werent joking about that caramel sugar fest. Trying to grab a quick power nap but im blummin buzzing :sDave Bryant
It really is as good as the picture looks #FSBatEAC
Just had a tour around the EAC studio and its pretty unbelieveable. Full day of game time penciled in for tomorrow :) #FSBatEAC #FIFA13Dave Bryant

Day 1 | Monday 16th July 2012

The BC Place Stadium is an impressive beast - #FSBatEAC Bryant
[New] FSB at EAC Blog - Day 0 #FSBFIFASoccerBlog
Just went for a stroll around the BC Place. Great stadium. Gutted we can't catch a game there.Tom Mills
Hotel gym is pretty sweet. They had free apples. @tem1985 and @RobHodson_ didnt make it down though?Dave Bryant
Walked down to the docks, found this. Didn't have a ball sadly so i'm now back in the room watching sesame street. Mills
Half 6 in Vancouver, quick blog and then Im off to the the gym before breakfast. In your face jet lag. #FSBatEACDave Bryant
“@FIFASoccerBlog: Our first #FSBatEAC blog was made all the more easy due to our brush with customs. Lee Smith, we're sorry.” yeah sorry LeeTom Mills
Awake at 6am. Not much going on BUT i did see one of those crazy shopping cart homeless people that you see on the tv, so they do exist.Tom Mills
Team FSB have safely arrived in Vancouver. #FSBatEACFIFASoccerBlog
Well. That was interesting. No love at customs for FSB...Tom Mills

Pre Event

Boarding flight. Dave is on the toilet, again. Weak bladder.Tom Mills
[New] FSB At EAC - The Details #FSBFIFASoccerBlog
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