giffgaff FIFA 14 Pro Clubs Tournament in London

It’s time for the Ultimate FIFA 14 competition, are you ready?

giffgaff eSports Cup 2013
giffgaff eSports Cup 2013

Following the success of their Team Fortress 2 games night back in August (with 140,000 people tuning in) they’ve been working hard to bring you another gaming night, with the help of their fantastic partners they’re very excited to tell you that it’s coming very soon.

When: Wednesday 9th October from 6pm

Game: FIFA 14

Who can enter:  
They will be picking 7 University teams of 10 people – so sign up quickly to be in for a chance to come along.  In addition they’d like one team of 10 Community members – to come along to challenge the Uni’s. As there are very limited spaces, before you sign up, please register your interest making sure you can attend on the day (Sorry guys you’ll need to be over 18 for this one). Find out more about  signing up below.

Who can watch:  
Anyone can tune in to their live stream on Twitch (check out Stevie’s thread on how to do this), you can also sign up to their channel to get a reminder before the event goes live.

The plan is to have 7 University teams of ten facing off against one another for the winning title, but anyone and everyone can join in and watch the game (get those snacks ready beforehand). Plus if you sign up for an SMS reminder below you will be entered into a draw to win some great prizes – sign up below. Winners will be announced on the night in the live Twitch chat thread.

There will be prizes for the winning team thanks to support from GAME who will be supplying games on the night as well as some other great prizes for the winning team. Our friends over at Madcatz will also be providing some goodies to give away. If that wasn’t enough, they also have some awesome giffgaff and gaming goodies to give away on the night via Twitch chat and our Social channels.

Each team will be captained by a member from Team Dignitas, check out this link to find out more about these guys. They’re also amazingly lucky to have the support of the awesome guys over at Multiplay who are supplying the consoles for the night.

So if you’re part of a gaming Society at your Uni or know someone who is then they may want to hear about their next gaming night. Maybe you’re a die-hard FIFA fan then you’ll want to tune in to see which University will be first to win the giffgaff eSports 2013 title, or will it be taken at the last minute by the giffgaff Community team?

If you’re visiting from another site, don’t forget to get yourself a giffgaff Free SIM card – get your mates on giffgaff and you can call and text them for free.

So make sure you tell your mates, make sure you tune in and if you’re part of a Uni gaming society or know someone who is – get them to get in touch with giffgaff so they can get involved on the night.

Where can I sign up?
Simple, you can sign up here. If you want to receive SMS alerts then just pop your number on the form too and they will send some handy reminders.

By Dave Witts

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