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Goal of the Week | The Introduction

So here at Sweetpatch TV we want to see your flair, techniques and skills, so we are running a Goal of the Week competition. This is your chance to be in the spotlight and claim all boasting rights amongst your friends and fellow FIFA players. Think you have what it takes to claim ‘Goal of the Week’?


The way that the competition will work is quite simple. Upon receipt of all videos I will go through each and every one and select 5 of my favourites. Once narrowed down to 5 I will then take another look at each goal and select my overall favourite which will then be crowned the goal of the week. That goal will be then put forward to compete against all of the other goals of the week within that month. Towards the end of the month I will release a goal of the month entries video to which it will show all the winners of that month. Underneath the video will be a comment that I have posted for each video, the comment with the most up votes by the following week will be our goal of the month winner!

So what are you waiting for?

Send your videos to – online goals only please – no editing, or if you do send an edited version please include the raw recording file.

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