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insomnia49 | Announcing the FIFA 13 Pro Cup Sponsored by Mad Catz

Multiplay and Sweetpatch TV are proud to welcome back the FIFA 13 Pro Cup sponsored by Mad Catz. Last year was a blast for FIFA, and we expect no different for insomnia49.  After the Final on the Sunday the Final League Table for the FIFA Masters Series (#FIFAMS) will be decided and then we will host the Grand Final of the first ever #FIFAMS.

FIFA13 is back for an epic Summer instalment with an incredible prize pot that can be up to £2,000.
insomnia49 FIFA 13 Pro Cup

The FIFA 13 Pro Cup sponsored by Mad Catz will take place across the weekend, with bonus 1v1 and 2v2 casual tournaments for players who just want to get some good games in. With a minimum prize pool of £1,000, head down for a chance to win a tidy sum playing the virtually beautiful game.

Tournament Information

  • Format: Xbox 360
  • Team Size: 1
  • Maximum Teams: 64
  • Start Date: Sat 24 Aug
  • End Date: Sun 25 Aug
  • Entry Requirement: TUP Ticket Holder

Also make sure you check out the FIFA 13 (PC) WCG qualifier tournament which will take place on the Friday of the event. There will also be a 2v2 casual tournament on Saturday. On Sunday the grand finals of the FIFA Masters Series will take place, don’t miss it!

Event and ticket information can be found at our insomnia49 event.

More details to follow…


Get yourself signed up to the tournaments by clicking on the tournament names above and setting your RSVP.

Your Sweetpatch TV crew will be bringing you all the tournaments and the Back of the Net crew will be helping bring live coverage from the event all weekend.

Lots more FIFA 13 news for insomnia49 coming soon.

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